Sunday, December 04, 2011 11:51:00 AM

This simple-slash bust enlargement is a quick and easy way to get a 

bit more room for the bust and upper chest. It will not add length at

center front. It also does not add a bust dart. This method is a good 

alternative for a stripe, print, or plaid fabric.

1. Find your bust point. Standing in front of a mirror, place the tape measure at the

corner of your neck/shoulder seam. Let the tape drop directly over your bust point,

when the tape drops away from the body, this is the apex of your bust point.

Now measure the distance between your bust points. Transfer the vertical and half of

the horizontal measurement to your tissue pattern front.

2.  Draw a vertical line from the hem to the bust point, parallel to center front. 

Continue the line at a diagonal from the bust point to the outer third of the shoulder seam. 

3.  Draw a horizontal line from the bust point to the side seam.

4. Slash the pattern along both lines, leaving 1/8-inch hinges at

the shoulder stitching line and the underarm corner. Slide tracing

paper under the pattern. Slide the side pattern section away from 

the center front section keeping the vertical slash parallel from the

bust point to the hem. This width will be doubled in the completed

garment. Tape all the sections in place. 

5. True the hemline.

6. True the shoulder seam.

7. The slash can also be closed at the hem, if width is not needed in this location.

8.  True the shoulder seam, side seam and hem lines.

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