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The Threads Experience
Louise was 1 of only 3 teachers invited to teach at The Threads Experience.  She was thrilled to meet new students and to teach her unique fitting techniques.

Teacher of the Year


It's an innovative new tool for planning your sewing. 
Be efficient, be effective, be elegant by using the tools in this new book.

Cutting Between the Lines
Click on "Booklets to Download" on the Home Page, then click on "Cutting Between the Lines" to order.

We think you'll find plenty of inspiration in these 193 pages.  The book opens with information about color, fabric, and planning.  Then a pretty page introduces each pattern in the Cutting Line Designs pattern line.  

Scroll down to see examples of how to play Paper Dolls for women who sew. 
Start with a piece of fabric and one of the "flats" provided in the book.  There's a flat for the front and back view of every garment in the Cutting Line Designs pattern line, so you'll have lots of choices to work with. 

Scan that fabric, then print a garment "flat" onto your scan.  You'll have a picture of how your finished garment could look in that fabric.  Now you're rolling.  Which garment do you want to coordinate with this first one you've created in paper?  Repeat the process and you've started an outfit, a mini wardrobe, or a whole new wardrobe.  Like this:

Light and Shadow B flat
Here's the "flat" for View B in Light and Shadow.  (We've included the back view as well for all patterns and views.)

Ta-da!  Now you can see what your garment will look like in this fabric.

flat and flat in fabric for Light and Shadow B

fabric for Light And Shadow B
Scan and print your chosen fabric.  Select the flat of Light and Shadow view B (the image at left) and print it onto your scan. 

And here's Louise's finished garment made from these fabric choices.

Light and Shadow view B in fabric
What if you have a couple of garments that you like, and you want to make something to go with them?  What colors would be best?  Play around with scrapbook and crafting papers first.  Once you know what color scheme you like, you can choose fabrics.  Here are some inspiring examples:

Once you get rolling, you can create whole outfits.  Test your color schemes.  Test which patterns you want to put together.  After you've made several paper garments, you can consider how many outfits you can create by combining those garments.  Like this:

Outfit 2
By Popular Demand jacket and top with the pencil skirt from Putting It Together.