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The Threads Experience
Louise was 1 of only 3 teachers invited to teach at The Threads Experience.  She was thrilled to meet new students and to teach her unique fitting techniques.

Teacher of the Year

Ladies, here's the last of this beige wardrobe.  I mixed in a pair of black pants (don't we all have a pair?) and stretched the wardrobe even further.  Take a look.
Artist in Motion, Just My Style, My Swing SetMaybe add some wooden beads?
Artist in Motion
My Swing Set
Just My Style
AIM, JMS, MSS with scarfI think the scarf takes it up a notch.
Anything But Ordinary, Putting It Together, My Swing SetRemember that jacket pattern made up as a shirt.  Now it's a light jacket over a shell.
Anything But Ordinary
Putting It Together
Just My Style  and My Swing Set
The top is made from Just My Style, just like the beige one in the first outfit.  Doesn't the print make a big difference.  Note that the binding at the neck is done in black to make it stand out.

Just my Style
My Swing Set
By Popular Demand, Just My Style, My Swing Set
This is the jacket from the original outfit that started the whole beige wardrobe.  I hope that you have gotten some ideas.

By Popular Demand
Mix a variety of beige prints or combine it with other colors. 
Enjoy these examples.
BPD jacket and MSS pantsI changed the pockets on this light jacket and used square buttons to echo their shape.  Also, it's longer.  Note the beads to liven things up.
By Popular Demand
My Swing Set

ABO shirt and MSS pantsRemember that jacket patterns can also be made as shirts.  The beach scene print is matched across the front.
Anything But Ordinary
My Swing Set
shirt on shirtSo now you can wear the 2 jacket patterns at once.  Always think about how you want the hemlines to layer.  Notice that the shirt collar is not buttoned as shown on the pattern envelope.  You can also unbutton this top button so the neckline opens further.
TMA shirt and MSS pantsThis is View A of Take Me Anywhere in a shirting stripe.  This shirt has a double band collar (note the stripes), a hidden button placket, and an intriguing pocket.   I have fun finding accessories to show you in these photos! 
Take Me Anywhere
BPD jacket, TMA shirt, MSS pantsOnce again, make a new outfit by simply combining 2 pieces you already have.  This habit also allows you to adjust for weather.

BPD jacket, PIT shell, MSS pantsSame By Popular Demand jacket and My Swing Set pants.   Here, I've added a shell in a different print that does contain some beige.  Prints like this give you other colors you can add to your beige wardrobe with a small investment of enough fabric to make a shell.

PIT shell and MSS pantsHere's something simple for summer.  Beads add some color.
PIT shell and MSS pants

PIT shell and MSS pantsAdd a wrap for chilly restaurants or theaters.  I wear these all the time.  It's so easy to take them off or put them on.

BPD jacket, PIT shell, and MSS pantsOnce again, your same two starting pieces with a different shell underneath. 

T or T boxtop over BPD jacket and MSS pantsIn the park on a chilly evening?  Toss on a boxtop, View B from This or That.  This particular one is cut wide and simply fringed around the edges.
This or That

JMS top, C & S vest, MSS pantsHere's a different top with a bound neckline and long sleeves.  It makes a good foundation for the vest in cotton dobby from Japan.  You can also close the vest with the ties included in the pattern.
Just My Style
Comfort and Style

C & S kimono, JMS top, MSS pantsFrom the same pattern as the vest, this is a fabulous kimono.  Wear it with this tie, with the obi belt in the pattern, or open.
Comfort and Style