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The Threads Experience
Louise was 1 of only 3 teachers invited to teach at The Threads Experience.  She was thrilled to meet new students and to teach her unique fitting techniques.

Teacher of the Year

Tree in Snow
It's that special time of year, so make yourself something special.  We'll have a new idea each day this week, so keep visiting!
All About Details, view A
This is View A of All About Details.  It features a "letterbox" pocket at the upper left, 2 large front patch pockets set at an angle, a collar on a band, and a back pleat.  Lots of interesting details to make enhance a wardrobe basic from sharp to easy-going.
I can't help it. I have to mention one of the fabrics from yesterday because this jacket in this rayon would be so great with jeans
rayon suiting
Here's another casual option:
Or make a travel version in wool with stretch, and make pants to go with it. 
wool with lycra
All About Details pattern

My Swing Set
If you opt for the black wool pants, make a comfy cotton shirt to go with them. 
cotton shirting
Comfort and Style
How about something to keep you warm, something to lounge in, something to dress up in--all in the same package!?  This kimono can do all that!

One Seam Pants
You can make this simple garment several times.  I've made it in wool and in cotton dobby from Japan.  Louise has make it in silk and in linen with embroidery. 

Let's see what options you have today.  Here's a lightweight black/blue wool suiting with lovely drape.
Wool suiting
This is a fabulous georgette with flowers woven into it.  It's deep black, but we lightened it so you could see the flowers.  Between the flowers, it's translucent--magical.
Comfort and Style outfit
For a casual vibe, use this rayon.  You could use the reverse side for the cuffs and sleeve bands.  It quite lightweight and has a wonderful drape.
Rayon suiting
I love this pattern.  I've made many versions of it.  It's great in denim, linen, or wool, like this one.  Here it's paired with a belt, but it could also be accented with a cuff bracelet or a scarf. 
By Popular DemandHere we're seeing this jacket with pants, but it would also look great with a pencil skirt.
Putting It Together
By Popular Demand jacket
Italian wool
Wool is the fabric of the season, so here are some suggestions for your new jacket and skirt.
stretch wool
Italian wool
Italian wool

Anything But Ordinary
A quick-to-make and easy-to-wear jacket---what a good idea for the season.  Combine that with a slim pair of pants and you're out the door.

My Swing Set

Start your outfit with lightweight wool pants.
lightweight wool
Make a wool boucle jacket for winter.
wool boucle
Then try a cotton "canvas" jacket to transition into spring and wear again next fall.
Anything But Ordinary jacket outfit
How about a beige wool for your new jacket?  Like this one:
beige wool suiting
Slide your jacket over a top or shell in a print:

cotton shirting from Japan
And make your skirt from lightweight black wool:
Lightweight wool suiting
Passport to Style and Putting It Together outfit
Neutrals like those to the left are great because they will work well together for this outfit.  But then you can use them with many other pieces in your closet.  For example, this jacket in tan wool would be great with navy pants.

Passport to Style pattern
Choose an easy-to-wear but distinctive jacket, and pair it with a swingy skirt.  You'll look like an expert at "Putting It Together".  Choose from many options for shirts, tops, or shells to bring in some variety.

Putting It Together pattern
My Swing Set pattern
A dressy organza with a lively print lends another dimension to your new suit.
printed organza
Click on each fabric and the pattern for more information.

For a warm winter travel outfit, make the jacket and pants from My Swing Set.  It would be especially good in wrinkle-free wool/lycra with some body, like this one.
wool suiting with lycra
You'd want a comfortable top to wear underneath that jacket--a knit would be ideal for travel or everyday.
poly/cotton knit
My Swing Set outfit
The Blouse Perfected and One-Seam Pants

The Blouse Perfected
One-Seam Pants
Black georgette for a lovely shirt (we've lightened it so you can see the details)
and lightweight wool for straight-leg
One-Seam Pants

Litghtweight wool