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The Threads Experience
Louise was 1 of only 3 teachers invited to teach at The Threads Experience.  She was thrilled to meet new students and to teach her unique fitting techniques.

Teacher of the Year


I made a new shell and a new pair of pants for the Summer Wardrobe I've been working on.  They led to new combinations, and I can't wait to show you!
Putting It Together and Easy Ageless Cool
First, I made a pair of straight-leg, ankle length pants from Easy Ageless Cool.  The pockets on these are great--overlap 2 side panels and viola: a pocket.  I used antique pearl buttons to close the pockets and paired these pants with the previously made shell for my first new outfit.

Putting It Together
Easy Ageless Cool
Simplify Your Life and Easy Ageless Cool
Of course I chose this print in a Simplify Your Life top to work with the plum One-Seam Pants that I made earlier.  But it has green in it too, so it works with these new Easy Ageless Cool pants.

Simplify Your Life
The Blouse Perfected and Easy Ageless Cool

In evening temperatures, I could wear this shirt with 3/4-length sleeves with these new pants. 

The Blouse Perfected
Easy Ageless Cool
The Blouse Perfected, Putting It Together, and Easy Ageless Cool
Layering with old and new pieces:  the new pants with previously made shell and shirt.

The Blouse Perfected
Putting It Together
Putting It Together and Easy Ageless Cool
So here are the new Easy Ageless Cool pants with a new Putting It Together shell.  I was lucky--after I cut out the pants, I realized I had enough fabric for another shell.  Also, I think this look in one color from head to toe is a bit dressier, even though the whole wardrobe has a casual summer vibe.

Putting It Together
Easy Ageless Cool
The Blouse Perfected, Putting It Together, Easy Ageless Cool
This is the same outfit but I've added the shirt from The Blouse Perfected.  Two new garments, 6 new outfits.  Good thing we all know our times tables!
Putting It Together
The Blouse Perfected

Easy Ageless Cool
The Blouse Perfected view A
View A of The Blouse Perfected.

Remember this?  It's the first one I showed you on the Stitch to Style blog.  I modified the pattern to shorten the sleeves, and I had fun with the stripes.  This was the first shirt to match the plum-colored pants.

The idea was to create a group of cool, easy garments for a breezy summer vacation.  (Maybe next year?)

The Blouse Perfected pattern

Putting It Together shell
Putting It Together shell.

This top achieved my goal of creating 3 tops for every pant or skirt in the wardrobe.  And a plus--there was enough fabric left over to make it even after I made the shirt.

Putting It Together pattern

Simplify Your Life
Simplify Your Life, View A

And this was the second top to match the plum-colored One-Seam pants.  You may recall that I pulled in the pants at the hem with a button sewed on through a pleat.  See the detail at Stitch to Style.

Simplify Your LIfe

The Blouse Perfected plus Putting It Together
One plus of coordinating your colors is that you can extend your wardrobe effortlessly.  My goal was to have 3 tops per pant, but by combining the two striped tops, I made a fourth outfit with no additional effort.  Winner!!