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Yes, I have to confess.  I've been sewing for years, and I have dozens of small, treasured pieces of fabric.  They're too small for garments, but I can't throw them away--they're just too pretty.  I look at that full shelf and think, "I should just get rid of them."  But I can't!

I'll bet you're like me.  Do you have a little box of treasures?  A big box?  Well,  HELP IS HERE.  Cutting Line Designs has the perfect pattern for you.  Make a vest from DISCOVER SOMETHING NOVEL and clear out those little pieces of fabric you've been saving (or buy something new!). 

Discover Something Novel
Discover Something Novel photo

You sew with your favorite colors, right?  You use them over and over again, stacking up those treasured little fabric pieces.  Put them all together in this vest and it will probably go with half of the outfits in your closet.

This one had beige, olive, charcoal, and smudgy bits of all those colors.  The bottom bands are black.  We've paired this vest with tan pants, olive and beige pants, olive tops, tan tops, black pants, beige pants, olive and beige pants . . . . . .   Try it, you'll have fun showing off all those little treasures.
Discover Something Novel photo
Isn't It Fitting book
Louise begins with a Measurement Chart and how-to's for measuring.  She discusses ease and proportions, followed by basic techniques for making adjustments to patterns.  Then she covers a wide variety of adjustments like these:
     Forward Shoulder
     Rounded Upper Back
     Adding Bust Darts
     Adding Width to the Core of the Body
     Narrowing the Shoulders and Upper Back

She has also included chapters on Skirts, Petites, and Pants.  There's something for everyone!

Find the topic you need, see the photos, read the step-by-steps, and move toward pattern perfection. There are even mini-patterns for practice! Isn't It Fitting