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Wear an Original

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Learn design tips and sewing techniques to make a piece of wearable art for yourself.

Straight from Louise's inventive mind, to all of you who have asked for this class.  Now you can find out all about it.
Louise made 2 vests from our Light and Shadow pattern using an innovative applique method and faux sashiko stitching.
Here on the Home Page we'll show you her garments and provide lots of design inspiration. 
To learn the specific techniques so you can make this kind of project for yourself, read the detailed instructions on the 2 most recent blogs at Stitch to Style.

Light and ShadowLouise made this vest to coordinate with the shirt underneath.  It was lengthened from the original pattern.
Light and ShadowThis vest is the original length in the Light and Shadow pattern.
Before Louise made her vest, she made this shirt to pair with it.  Take a good look at the fabric--a border print.
Just a PinchBy the way, she used the Just a Pinch pattern for this shirt.
Here's the back.  She added a center back seam to again run the border vertically as well as around the collar and the hem of one sleeve.
Just a Pinch
Then Louise began looking at the motifs printed on the fabric. 
fabric motifs
She explained that she didn't want to fussy cut the actual shapes printed on the fabric.  She just cut pieces of fabric that included parts of the motifs for her vest.
fabric motifs
Here's an example of the way she used the printed motifs.
fabric motifs
And another example.  You can see that she didn't use the motifs as they were printed.
fabric motifs
She used the fabric for her second vest in a similar way. Here she used 3 different shapes from 2 fabrics, overlapping them slightly.
fabric motifs
And another example.  Note how she changed thread color when her line of sashiko stitching crossed an applique.
fabric motifs
There are many more photos on the Stitch to Style blog, along with the step-by-steps.
Also, be sure to look at the current newsletter for the Light and Shadow pattern and the many appropriate vest and applique fabrics, on sale from December 1-10.
If you're not a current newsletter subscriber, just go to the top of this page and click on "Hot Off the Press" to see it.
Have fun with these techniques!