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The Threads Experience
Louise was 1 of only 3 teachers invited to teach at The Threads Experience.  She was thrilled to meet new students and to teach her unique fitting techniques.

Teacher of the Year

That's how American Sportswear has often been described.  But what does that actually look like?  Well, it can look like this.

A Subtle Twist
A Subtle Twist in wool plaid

I love the fact that such different garments can come from the same pattern--that's practical.  Both these shirts are made from A Subtle Twist.  (That pattern is now at a special price.)  The red shirt is luxurious in silk, while the black and tan plaid shirt is wool, with linen collar and collar band. 

I ran into a bit of a problem on that wool jacket.  I didn't have enough fabric to match the plaid over the shoulders, so I used what we call a "cheater strip" of the linen to disguise the mismatch.  Great trick to know!  Just turn the edges under and stitch the strip to the shoulders before constructing the collar band and sleeve.
shoulder of wool plaid jacket
As you know, women used to wear long dresses with full skirts.  But times changed.  Women designers emerged, they borrowed elements of men's clothing, and American sportswear was born.  So you see the collar band and collar on A Subtle Twist, just like a man's shirt.  Pockets were another big innovation on women's clothing, which became functional.  Also, women began wearing separates that they could combine in various ways. 

Here's another version in linen, done by Eskandar, a well-known designer.  His version sells for about $500. 
linen shirt
This shirt has generous "design ease", as Louise refers to it in her new fitting book.  She also talks about "you have an opinion" ease.  Maybe you like this shirt's style, but you want it to be a bit closer to the body.  The instructions for making that kind of alteration are in Isn't It Fitting.  You can order it by clicking on Books to Download on the black bar at the top of the Home Page.

You can read more about American sportswear in our Mission Statement.  Enjoy!
Isn't It Fitting book
These fabrics would all make terrific shirts like the ones I've shown you.
cotton pinstripe
cotton from Japan
wool plaid
silk charmeuse