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Wear an Original

Shop the Newest Fabrics and Patterns


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VENUE: Convention Center in Raleigh
DATES: August 1-3

We’ll be there with new fabrics and patterns for you to see in person. Put your fingers on those lovely fabric textures and see the garments up close and personal. 

Chat with Louise and Sandy, ask questions, and coordinate patterns and fabrics for new outfits. What do you want to sew? Need ideas? Come and see us!


VENUE: Orlando, Florida
Meet and Greet: August 28--Meet at the hotel at 1 p.m. with a shopping trip to the “warehouse” at 5 p.m.
Classroom Days: August 29 and 30: 9-5
August 31: 9-3

What’s the difference between ‘plop and drop’ or study, planning and design? Find out as Louise guides you through a great retreat when you view samples, study what works, and plan your own designs. She’ll show you what’s right and what’s just okay.

You can sew samples of the various techniques, parts of garments, or a whole garment—whatever you choose. You’ll go home with ideas for so many more fabulous projects.

Look what we found on Pinterest to spark your imagination. Be inspired to apply your ideas to the Point of View, Just a Pinch, and Anything But Ordinary patterns.


VENUE: Orlando, FL


Meet and Greet: September 12—meet at the hotel at 1 pm with a shopping trip to the “warehouse” at 5 pm.

Classroom Days:

September 13: 9-5

September 14: 9-4


Just how many ways can you make a garment out of one flat piece of fabric? Lots!! Join Sandy as she walks you through adding sleeves, making it wider, narrower, longer, or shorter, creating side flanges, putting French bias binding around the neck, adding a cowl neckline. Vary the fabric: silk georgette, boiled wool, knits, hand wovens, silk, linen, rayon . . . . . . Or use multiple fabrics in one boxtop.

Then add finishes: mitered corners, clean finished hems, bias binding, serged hems, double binding, weighted hems, fringe.

And how do you want to attach it at the sides: stitching, buttons, ribbons . . . . .

Think of the Boxtop as a stand-alone garment or pop it over a blouse or long-sleeved T-shirt as the “third piece” to finish your look.

Plus, one size fits all—just who in your family is so hard to buy for? This top would be the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays . . . but as pretty as it will be, they just might not receive it!!

These photos from Pinterest might inspire you, and you can look for more as a source of ideas to bring along. We’ll see just how many designs and techniques will fit the Boxtop from the This or That pattern.



VENUE: Orlando, FL


Meet and Greet: October 3: Meet at the hotel at 1 p.m. then visit the “warehouse” for shopping at 5 p.m.

Classroom Days: October 4 and 5: 9-5

                             October 6: 9-3


What seam allowances to keep and what to remove? What patterns work and what patterns don't? Questions, questions---but one question you won't need to ask I really need a boiled wool jacket or coat/topper? YES you do! It's easy to dress up or down for more months within the year, both at home and for travel (it doesn't wrinkle). Garments from Oska, Eileen Fisher, House of Fraser—take a look at Pinterest where you can get ideas galore.

BUT, a boiled wool jacket can look amazing or 'home made' just by the seam construction. It's like a chess game...planning your moves several steps ahead. That’s why taking a class from Louise, who knows all the correct moves,  will guide you through the step by steps. In the end, you actually save on fabric (great to have for that next sewing project), no facings, no hems, single layer construction....but where and how??? Join us...and pick out one of the luscious colors Louise will be bringing in for your upcoming jacket or coat.


VENUE:  Orlando, FL
March 27--Meet and greet at the hotel and introduction to class--1 p.m. with a trip to the warehouse to shop at 5.
March 28, 29, 30--classroom days, 9-5 (March 28, additional warehouse shopping time).
March 31--classroom day, 9-3.

Bring your fitting problems:  Finished garments, partly sewn garments, muslins, patterns, you name it.  Terry will advise you on the steps you need to take to achieve a flattering fit.

April 2--Meet and greet at the hotel and introduction to class--1 p.m. with a trip to the warehouse to shop at 5.
April 3 and 4--classroom days, 9-5 (April 3, additional warehouse shopping time).
April 5--9-3

We're so excited that Terry will be back with us in early 2020.  Mark your calendars now so you can join us to benefit from Terry's expertise in fitting and sewing techniques.  Her experience is wide and varied, ranging from working for Zandra Rhodes and the Emmanuels, to creating daywear, business attire, and evening wear for private clients, to her own bridal business, known throughout Great Britain and abroad.  Follow Terry at to see more of her wonderful creations, and check her out on Facebook to see her day-to-day adventures.