I received my lovely silver grey linen fabric yesterday and have to tell you I am delighted with it.
Thank you also for including the correct thread to sew it with.
That was a really thoughtful extra.
I'm now looking forward to sewing it.
Kindest regards,
Dear Louise,
I just finished my first One Seam Pants and you will never ever find a more delighted customer.
I have been making my own clothes on and off for 60 years. So I, of course, know it all.
But, pants have always seemed more trouble than they were worth to make. Until I found your pattern. But, you know, it was more than the pattern.
It was the whole process.
I wrote you a pre-sales email which you answered so quickly I couldn't help but be impressed.
I was put off by not having a PDF (I hate tissue paper) but finally relented and ordered.
I'm on the opposite end of the country and yet my order got here lickety split.
Your instructions on your website and with the pattern were so encouraging. And so detailed.
And contained tips I'd never, in 60 years, heard before (that thing about butting elastic while backing with a bit of the pants fabric is just genius!).
You say 'trust me' a lot and I did. I made XL*, added an inch and a half width, tipped the waste down and shortened them by 4 inches.
They fit perfectly and feel so good. And they look really nice.
My pants are fabulous. I mean shockingly, amazingly, perfectly, fabulous.
My store bought pants are all old and tired and ready for Threadcycle.
I am going into production. I plan on making a dozen pair - well, seven at least :).
I just cut out pair #2 and ordered the fabric for the next 5 after that.
I am so thrilled.
Thank you so very very much.
Your most grateful fan,
Thank you very much for the last two orders which arrived very quickly.
Your DVDs are exciting and the patterns superb.
I will sew very quickly your models which are all very beautiful.
You have created models very feminine, easy, with beautiful finishes, which we cannot do without.
Thanks again to you.
Best regards,
P.S. My English is very bad, but I can still enjoy your DVD !!!
Louise and Sandy,
Thank you so very much for a wonderful sewing retreat. I learned more than I expected to learn and I've come to really appreciate the Cutting Line Design approach.
But most of all I am grateful for your generosity. Both of you shared your knowledge and experience with grace and enthusiasm.
I also learned a lot about pairing fabrics and patterns. I am still thinking about the various patterns and the fabrics you made available.
The Japanese cottons were amazing. The Italian linens were my other favorite. (So much fabric, so little time)
I look forward to coming to another retreat and will be looking for more video presentations.
Take care and have a restful summer.
Just received the lime green linen and it's fabulous. Also love the most appropriate wrapping of old patterns and twine.
The gift of thread is most appreciated and a lovely surprise.
You have no idea how much you brightened my heart this morning, Thank you for every well thought out idea .... hugs to all involved,
These items arrived safe and sound around Tuesday or Wednesday of last week.
I had bought some notions and a pattern from you many years ago, then ran out of the bias tape. I love that stuff!
I bought an entire wheel of both black and white, used it up within a year or two, then could not for the life of me remember from where I bought it ... until you all began sending out emails.
I was overjoyed when I followed the link to your website and saw the bias tape there for sale.
I think I bought four chalkoners way back when and have only used up one, with the other three just now beginning to run low.
I also bought a button-hole cutter from you that I use all the time. The notions you sell are the ones that I use the most often and would be completely lost without them. I wish I could afford the scissors you offer!
I'll bet they're worth every cent!
I just wanted to thank you and to let you know that I am glad you are sending out emails. I look at every one of them.
Hi Louise:
I don't know how much fan mail you get, but here's another one!
I watched your industry insider videos on Threads and was so impressed I got on your site and ordered the By Popular Demand video and pattern.
Although I have some nice fabric I decided to do a 'dry run' with some home decor fabric from Walmart.
So far I'm through stitching the collar to the main body and everything is perfect!
I always have to adjust patterns for my slightly triangular build so although I'm making a size small, the shoulders grade out to medium, and the arms needed an extra inch in length.
The way everything is going so smoothly I have every confidence it will go together great.
Thanks again, you have made getting back into sewing after 30 years away a pleasure.
All for now
I have been sewing for over 50 years and I just recently discovered your patterns, I love them!
I do have to do some bust adjustments but otherwise I love the fit, very comfortable and flattering.
I sew because I like different looking clothes and your patterns are certainly different.
Thank you, I will be buying many more in the future.
Hello Louise!
I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying sewing since taking your class this summer!
I am sewing practically every day and loving it. Your patterns and techniques are really working for me.
I was finally able to use some eco dyed fabric that I made a few years ago in one of your shirt patterns.
I am really happy with the way it turned out and wanted to share it with you.
I can't wait to take another class! Hi! to Sandy!
A huge thank you should be sent to YOU for taking your show on the road.
That's a huge undertaking. You've made great, creative patterns and quality fabrics available to us when our local stores are closing up or being replaced with quilt :-( stores.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hi Louise and Sandy,
I just want to thank you again for the exceptional workshop.
You gave me the gift of enough training and confidence to forge ahead in my journey to create well made, individualized clothing.
You both were so clear and generous and organized and patient.
Thank you very, very much,