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Mission Statement

Cutting Line Designs follows in the distinguished tradition of smart, innovative women like Claire McCardell and Bonnie Cashin. Beginning in the 40's, such designers brought polish and practicality to women's clothing that was expressly designed for women who worked, played sports, cared for children and homes, cooked, sewed, and enjoyed the new, more casual social life of the suburbs. In other words, they designed American sportswear for everyday American women. They turned away from the fussiness of European fashion of their time, and found a new way for women to dress.

Cutting Line Designs brings that tradition into the present day, designing for typical women leading typical lives. Sportswear isn't just for playing sports-it's for everything we do. It's simple silhouttes with innovative details. It's practical, versatile, comfortable designs that can be combined to make outfits for every occasion. It's creative details and instructions that guide sewers in how to execute them. It's for all seasons and for all wardrobe needs.

Our customer puts her own stamp on what we have begun. We provide a base (a pattern) and possibilities (fabrics). She chooses from thousands of potential combinations to suit her lifestyle needs: comfort, appropriateness, climate, and self-expression. Each sewing woman can choose her own style and carry it out in fabrics she loves, with the practical and artistic details she chooses, creating a wardrobe of durable and enjoyable garments for all her days and nights.

These patterns include garments that every woman can use, no matter how she spends her time. She can customize them to be warmer, cooler, sportier, dressier, --whatever she needs and likes. She can build a wardrobe from these:

And there are many more possibilities to choose from on the Patterns page. Have fun considering the possibilities! For more inspiration, take a look at these contemporary designers who think like Cutting Line Designs. They also design silhouettes that are timeless, attractive, flattering, and practical. You can get so many ideas from these designers:

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