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Imagine Your New Style Story

It's great to refresh my point of view from time to time.  We can all get in a rut, me included.  I can look at my CLD pattern envelopes and the memory of the last garment I made sometimes blocks any new thoughts.  

That's when I realize that my eyes are half-shut.  I need to open them wide to new ideas.  Sometimes, it's as simple as paying attention when I'm running errands:  is anyone wearing something that catches my eye?  I can stop by the bookstore and breeze through a couple of fashion magazines, or I can browse a few of my favorite fashion websites, especially the ones beyond my price range.  Often, the result is a forehead slap--why didn't I think of making a shirt out of that kind of fabric?  Or, I could make a detail something like that one I just saw.  Or, I never would have thought of that color combination, but I love it!

So here are a couple of ideas to play around with.  I hope this will jumpstart your imagination.

The Blouse Perfected classic shirt pattern