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End of May Sale Reminder

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Which of our sale fabrics will be your signature summer piece, will make you feel like you, will make you comfortable in your new shell, top, or shirt?

Our natural fiber fabrics breathe, wear well, and look good season after season, lasting long after the many times you wear your creation this summer.

Maybe one (or more) of our sale fabrics will be just the thing to bring new life to something that's already living in your closet.  Is there a garment in there that needs a friend?

Click on the icon below to take another look at our beautiful sale fabrics.  One of them may need to come to your house.

The sale on these fabrics ends at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, June 2.

We're continuing to put new Fabrics and Ends-of-Bolts on the website.  Check back frequently so you don't miss the ones you should have us send to your sewing room!

Also, stay up to date with the info on the Events page.  We're doing some new things this year that we haven't done before.

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