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It's Denim Day at Cutting Line Designs


American flag

 Apple pie, baseball, picnics, white farmhouses, the Liberty Bell, and DENIM!

It's classic Americana paired with a classic shirt.  We'll start the coming celebration of America by putting the pattern on sale for you at $18 for this week.  The sale will end on Sunday, June 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

           The Blouse Perfected in denim     The Blouse Perfected pattern

You can wear your own classic shirt to watch 4th of July fireworks! 
Choose from our supply of denim, linen, and chambray and create your original piece of Americana.

Use tried and true blue--

      denim       denim  

      chambrey at Cutting Line Designs       cotton chambray

      cross-dyed linen       printed denim

      Blue with a twist--or go all out with another color--

      striped linen       striped linen

      blue linen       cross-dyed linen

      cross-dyed linen       cross-dyed linen

       edgestitching on The Blouse Perfected
You might like to use 2-thread edgestitching on your shirt, just like I did.  Head over to the BLOG for a lesson in just how to do this.
                                           Stitch to Style blog at

Quick--get your fabric and pattern.  You have enough time to be ready for the compliments you'll get on the 4th.  What will you wear your shirt with:  blue jeans, white jeans, white linen pants, a white pencil skirt?  You can pair this great shirt with many options.  Oh, and you can wear it over a shell too.

Just a reminder--keep checking the Events page for the latest in the fun Louise and I come up with.

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