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Pinch Me--I'm Dreaming with Cutting Line Designs

European city on lake 
I'm dreaming of what all sewers need:  color, pattern, the feel of fabric in my hands, making, improving skills, expression. 

Join me in my dream and pinch yourself by making Just A Pinch.  Make both pieces to wear together, wear them separately, or wear them with other garments already in your closet.  Who knows, maybe those closet items are dreaming of new companions.

Just A Pinch will be on sale for $18 until 8 pm Eastern time, Sunday, June 23. 

        Just a Pinch pattern      Just a Pinch in lightweight linen

This version of Pinch, in lightweight linen, is pinched, with the buttons placed between the "pinches".  (I sometimes add an extra button below the bottom pinch.)  Here, the scarf adds color, frames her face, and brings the color of the pants into the upper part of the outfit.  Always a good trick.

      Just a Pinch vest   Just a Pinch over shell  
Just a Pinch

The vest can be worn alone (and not "pinched").  The black scarf and black buttons work well with the black pants.  Then the shirt can go over a shell with many colors, so other pants could also coordinate.  The back is longer and wraps to the front, making the hips look narrower. 

The interesting details, flattering lines, and versatility make this a pattern to dream of. 

Choose from these sale fabrics to make your dream come true.  These fabrics only will be on sale until 8 pm Eastern time, Sunday, June 23.

For the shirt:



For the vest (also on sale till the 23rd):



Sandy's next blog will show one of her looks from this pattern and some tips she used to make it her own.  So take a peek:

And always keep an eye on the Events page!

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