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Pinch Me Once.....Pinch Me Twice from Cutting Line Designs

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Of course, we're talking about Just a Pinch this week.  Let's look at how we can make what we need to look the way we want.
  Just a Pinch pattern

We have a shirt that can also be made as a jacket (see the BLOG if you haven't already checked it out) and we have a vest that can also be worn as a top.  So 4 garments to start out with.  Plus, you can wear each one alone with garments already in your closet, or wear them together. 

Today's challenge is to come up with as many combinations as you can think of using this pattern and garments you already have.

Let's see if I can give you a head start.  I'm betting that about 98% of you have a pair of black pants or a black skirt in your closet already. 

So each of these fabrics (on sale until 8 pm Eastern, Sunday, June 23) will make a shirt you can wear with the black pants or skirts you already have. 

         linen from Japan       linen/cotton from Japan

         gold linen     white cotton shirting

Also, the gold and the white would look great with white or navy pants or skirts.  I'm thinking that many of you have pants in one of those colors.

Anybody have beige?  How about th0se first two fabrics? 

And then we can add in the vests (which can also be tops).  These fabrics are also on sale until 8 pm Eastern, Sunday, June 23.

         cotton print       black and white stripes

         glazed linen stripe       black linen 

Wear any one of these with black pants or skirt.  Then try all the ones containing black over a white shirt with the black pants or skirt. 

If you've already made the floral print vest, make a soft green or blush shirt to go with it and the black pants or skirt.

Do you have a black tee?  Wear it with your black (or navy) pants or skirt and make the beige vest.  The vest will be a stand-out piece. 

The possibilities just multiply!  Do some math today and have fun sewing!

The blog will show you Sandy's finishing touch for her Pinch jacket.
   Cutting Line Designs' blog

And watch the Events page.  We hope you're making plans to visit us in Raleigh.  It will be fun!

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