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Pick Stitch Perfect pattern


                                View A                                                             View B
        Pick Stitch Perfect View A          Pick Stitch Perfect View B

Pick Stitch Perfect remains on sale until 8 pm Eastern, Sunday, July 7.

On Sunday, I mentioned that View B sports this really cool placket using just wider seam allowances that are folded and stitched.  No separate piece to worry about.  Here's how it looks:

                           Pick Stitch Perfect placket

See--no muss, no fuss.   Take a look at the detailed photos showing all the steps to create these plackets in the latest issue of Threads, where Louise has written an article all about it.  (Bonus:  There's also a terrific self-fabric vent for the By Popular Demand pattern jacket). 

And I've added a new BLOG post with some closeup photos of my handstitching on the View B shirt above.  You have a choice of hand and machine stitching--5 options--that can really add some pizzazz to your new shirts, and the instructions are in the pattern.  Then carry those techniques over to anything you're making.  Hmmmm--how would pickstitching look on a new barn jacket?  Or 2-thread topstitching on a new linen shell?

Don't forget the Home Page.  I've posted photos of all 4 Pick Stitch Perfect shirts that I've made so far, along with pics of some details.  Check it out!

So of course you need new fabrics to make Pick Stitch Perfect.  Choose some of these:

         cotton sateen       cotton sateen

         linen/cotton blend from Japan       linen/cotton blend from Japan

         white with black floral linen      black linen

         red linen       cotton from Japan

         shirt weight cotton      midweight cotton canvas

         cotton from Japan       shirt weight cotton

         rust linen       midweight cotton canvas

         shirt weight cotton       midweight cotton canvas

Hurrah for Louise.  She has been invited to teach in New York on September 6 and 7, where she will focus on fitting and pattern alteration
 in her classes. 
Threads Magazine has arranged this event, which is in the garment district!  Click here for all the details.  And hurry, registration is limited.

Louise and I hope you're enjoying your holiday, wearing something cool and comfortable.  Have a wonderful time at your picnic, barbeque, pool party, or however you're spending your day.  We wish for you laughing children, smiling relatives and friends, sparklers, fireworks, music, and lots of iced tea. 

As always, keep up with the Events page.  We are working on details for upcoming events, so stay tuned.

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