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First, ideas!  We've restocked some of our favorite Italian linens featuring extraordinary prints.  The colors are fantastic, and they work well for The Blouse Perfected, for example.  Here's the pattern and a wonderful version by one of our customers.

   The Blouse Perfected pattern      The Blouse Perfected

   And another example, made by Louise, then those Italian linens.

    The Blouse Perfected      linen from Italy

    linen from Italy     linen from Italy

    linen from Italy    linen from Italy

And ideas with bargains!  Here are some garments we've made, along with suggestions for sale fabrics that would work well.  Maybe one of our ideas will jumpstart one of yours.

Anything But Ordinary     Anything But Ordinary pattern

 cotton from Japan     cotton from Japan

Snap to It     Snap to It Pattern

 cotton from Japan     cotton from Japan

Light and Shadow top     Light and Shadow pattern

 linen from Japan     linen from Japan

Get yourself some of these beauties while they last.  We've already sold through some of them. 

And watch for new info on the Blog, the Home Page, and the Events page in the coming days. 

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