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Coordination's My Game at Cutting Line Designs

One of the ideas I have found so practical is to make pants in neutral colors.  Those neutrals go with so many other solid colors, as well as prints. 

When I travel, I try to pack at least 3 tops that will go with every bottom (pants, in my case).  It's even better if each top I pack will go with more than one pair of pants.  

This works at home too.  Not only will a pair of pants go with several tops, but those tops can range from casual to dressy.  I'll show you some examples.

              Simplify Your Life      Simplify Your Life pattern

Here's a pair of off-white My Swing Set pants with a Simplify Your Life View A in blue denim.  I used off-white thread and the 2-threads through the needle technique for the topstitching.  It's one of the techniques for decorative stitching that I showed you in a recent blog. 

What pants are in your closet that could be a starting point for you?  These fabrics could work for a Simplify Your Life top.

         cotton chambrey       Cotton dobby from Japan

         cotton       cotton shirtweight

         Anything But Ordinary example   Anything But Ordinary pattern

Remember, jacket patterns can be used to make shirts.  Here's an example.  I made the Anything But Ordinary jacket in a printed linen.  It's light enough to wear as a shirt, but you could also layer it over a shell, tank, or top.  I'm showing it with the same pants, but it's just a step up from really casual.

Choose a fabric like one of these for your own version:

         cotton midweight from Japan       linen/cotton from Japan

         cotton from Japan       linen/cotton from Japan

         The Blouse Perfected View C    The Blouse Perfected pattern

Okay, same pants again.  This time, I'll wear something just a notch dressier.  I love this statement blouse (View C of The Blouse Perfected) in a watercolor linen like the ones we showed you a week or so ago.  But there are other fabrics that could also work well.  Let's see:
         Linen from Italy       linen from Italy

         linen from Japan       cotton from Japan

We have hundreds of fabrics on the website, so you're sure to find one just right for you.

Of course, the pants are made from the My Swing Set pattern.  The elastic waist means they are incredibly comfortable, and the fit is easy to perfect because of the way they are drafted.   Here's the pattern.  Look closely at my photos above.  You can see the little vent at the hem.  Love that detail!

         My Swing Set pattern

As always, refer often to the Home Page, the Events page, and the Blog.  We try to refresh those often, so you always have something to look at.  I posted a new blog about miters this week.  Have fun.

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