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The Transition Continues at Cutting Line Designs

Football and fireplaces are in our future.  Of course, here in the south, we are still sweltering, but we know those chillier days are coming.  Have any of you northerners lighted cozy fires yet?  In any case, all of us will need just a bit warmer garments for those days between summer heat and winter chill. 

Louise has made several garments out of those Japanese cotton dobby fabrics that we're featuring this week.  Let's take a look at her pretty things.

    Danger Curves Ahead tunic       Danger Curves Ahead pattern

It's great to have this kind of stand-alone piece in your closet.  In such a beautiful fabric, you don't need much in the way of accessories.  Pull this on with a pair of pants and head out the door looking terrific.

    Point of View shirt     Point of View pattern

View A has that distinctive diagonal line on the front, hiding the buttons behind it.  You get to feature an unusual button or fastening, making this a standout garment.  For cooler temps, you can use the long sleeves on View A.

Here's a series of light jackets she made from A New Dimension.  Notice the varying closures!

     A New Dimension jacket     A New Dimension jacket

       A New Dimension jacket     A New Dimension pattern

Last time, I mentioned that these fabrics wash easily and don't need much ironing.  The special weave is what makes them work so well.  While most of the surface is quite smooth, there are thicker threads woven in, both lengthwise and crosswise, that make them wrinkle resistant.  Plus, that texture adds so much to their visual appeal.

The dobby cottons are heavier than a typical shirtweight, but not so heavy as a jacket weight fabric.  They are all cotton, so they breathe, but they have enough body that they can be worn as lightweight jackets.  When you add up all of their positive characteristics, you can see why we like to stock so many of them.

Here are some new dobbies that I've just added to the website.  Which one will work with other items in your closet?

         cotton dobby from Japana       cotton dobby from Japan

         Cotton dobby from Japan       cotton dobby from Japan

         cotton dobby from Japan      cotton dobby from Japan

         cottton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

And a reminder of some you may have seen before:

         cotton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

         cotton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

Keep your eye on the Events page.  We're discussing what we'd like to do next year, so don't miss out.  We'll be posting new retreats soon.  I can't reveal all the details yet, but I'm excited about what's coming up.

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I just have to celebrate Louise a bit more.  I told you earlier that she taught in New York several days ago.  I need to clarify:  she was one of three teachers invited by Threads Magazine to come to New York.  Kudos to Louise! 

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