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 Some of you work, some of you lead casual lives, some of you attend lots of cultural events, some of you are caring for young children, some of you visit grandchildren, and some of you travel a little or a lot.  Wow!  You are a varied crowd.  

That's why we like to remind you that you can make our patterns to suit your life.  You can make them to wear to the grocery store or to a wedding.  Let's look at some examples.

Here's Snap to It made in a Japanese printed cotton shirting and in a gold linen with metallic threads running through it.  Both are View A.

   Snap to It View A in cotton    Snap to It View A in linen

The cotton one could go to lunch, to a book club, to a visit with a hospitalized friend, to work.  Swap the beads for simple earrings for a simpler version.  The linen shirt could work for the theater, a museum in a big city, a concert or play, a social event.  What do you need to dress for?

Choose one of these suggested fabrics or explore the Fabrics Page:

         cotton        linen/cotton from Japan

         cotton        cotton sateen with lycra

         linen jacquard       Snap to It

These sale fabrics are exciting options for Snap to It:

         cotton        cotton from Japan

         cotton       cotton

Here's another pattern that can give you the same wide range of looks from casual to dressy.  These shirts are View A of Timeless and Modern.  The first is rayon, the second is linen, and the third is silk. 

   Timeless and Modern A in rayon     Timeless and Modern A in linen

   Timeless and Modern A in silk     Timeless and Modern pattern

These fabrics would make beautiful shirts:

         floral silk charmeuse       silk charmeuse

                 raw silk

Cut the ecru silk stripe on the crossgrain if you want the stripes to go up and down the body.

Here's a range of sale fabrics that would also make up well in either of these shirts:

         cotton shirting from Japan       cotton shirting from Japan

         cotton shirting from Japan       cotton shirting from Japan

Keep your eye on the Events page.  We're discussing what we'd like to do next year, so don't miss out.  We'll be posting new retreats soon.  I can't reveal all the details yet, but I'm excited about what's coming up.

         PayPal logo By the way, we've heard that a few of you have thought that you had to have a PayPal account to order from us online.  That's not the case.  Even though you'll see "Proceed to PayPal" on one of the order pages, just click on it to go to the next page.  You'll see that you can choose whatever credit card you would like to use.  

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