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On Monday, I showed you some pretty shirts that ranged from casual to dressy.  Take another look at View A of Timeless and Modern in a variety of fabrics--and ways of dressing.

     Timeless and Modern View A     Timeless and Modern A in linen

     Timeless and Modern A in silk     Timeless and Modern pattern

And Snap to It View A in cotton shirting from Japan and metallic linen:

     Snap to It View A in cotton     Snap to It View A in linen

                                    Snap To It pattern

Make a shirt in a casual cotton if your day includes running a lot of errands.  You'll be comfortable in and out of the car, the market, the post office, a class, the dry cleaners.

Make it in linen for the museum, for lunch, for dinner, for a gathering.

Make it in silk for an evening out, a play, a special evening with friends.

You'll feel at ease and confident in your own handiwork.  It's such a pleasure.

Try these:

         tencel       red linen

         linen/cotton from Japan       cotton dobby from Japan

         cotton shirting       cotton shirting

And some great bargains are still available:

         linen       linen/cotton from Japan

         linen/cotton from Japan        linen/cotton from Japan            
         leno-weave linen       linen from Japan

Wow!!  Next year is going to be amazing.  We have 3 terrific guest teachers coming.  They all have different specialties, offering all of us so many opportunities to learn new skills and ways to express ourselves.  I'm working out the details and will put them up on the Events page as quickly as I can.

PayPal logo  By the way, we've heard that a few of you have thought that you had to have a PayPal account to order from us online.  That's not the case.  Even though you'll see "Proceed to PayPal" on one of the order pages, just click on it to go to the next page.  You'll see that you can choose whatever credit card you would like to use.  

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