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A Jacket or a Top? or Both? with Cutting Line Designs


Color Me Chic is the pattern.  Coloring yourself chic is what you can do.

    Color Me Chic top
     Color Me Chic jacket

How many ways can you think of to style this for yourself?  What pants or skirts are in your closet just waiting for a new companion?

My jacket above is the short length.  You may be able to see that the right sleeve is tucked into the pocket.  Let's see some other examples that Louise made.

     Color Me Chic jacket     Color Me Chic top in green linen

The jacket's collar and fronts can be left open to drape gracefully.  That's how I chose to wear my jacket, and Louise made this blue one the same way.  Her top shows the rectangular front panel that folds down at the top to create an eye-catching and flattering neckline.

Of course, Louise made more!  Let's see her longer jacket and her top made in Japanese fabrics.  She fastened this jacket with an unusual fastener from her stash.  You could also use small ties or a button and loop.  On the top, she fussy cut the facing, which is the piece that folds down at the neckline.  The rest of the top is simply cut as the motifs fell.

The 2 lengths of the jacket make this work as a light, short jacket for cool temps, but the longer jacket could also be made in heavier fabric for colder temps.

              Color Me Chic jacket and top

     Color Me Chic jacket and top     Color Me Chic pattern

Here are some fabric suggestions for the top:

         cotton shirting from Japan       lightweight cotton      

         linen from Japan       cotton shirting from Japan

         cotton shirting from Japan      


And for the jacket:

         linen/cotton from Japan       linen/cotton from Japan

         cotton dobby from Japan       midweight cotton

         cotton denim       midweight cotton

And a double-sided fabric for a really special jacket:

         double sided linen/cotton from Japan

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