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Creative Combinations with Cutting Line Designs

I always want to do something with those short pieces of fabric that I've seen on the Ends of Bolts page.  But sometimes, I just can't get an idea going.  How about you?  

I looked around on the internet and found some terrific garments that others have put together.  I'll show them to you--they'll jumpstart your  creative side . 


I think the creative wheels are turning now! 


Many fabrics on the Ends of Bolts page are nearly enough to make an entire garment.  Try pairing one of them with a treasured little piece you've been hanging onto.  How would a contrasting collar or cuffs look on a cool piece you've found on the Ends of Bolts page?

If you're like me, you have quite a few of those little pieces, and you just need one more to tie everything together.  How about combining all of them in a Discover Something Novel vest?

      Discover Something Novel pattern     Discover Something Novel vest

These patterns also lend themselves to combining favorite fabrics.  Pick Stitch Perfect has the pieces already figured out for you.  The shirt in At Every Angle would be great with the fronts (and/or backs) made of different fabrics.

     Pick Stitch Perfect pattern     At Every Angle pattern

Highlight the collar, collar band, sleeve plackets, cuffs, or pocket on The Blouse Perfected.  Or try View B of Take Me Anywhere, already designed for a combination of fabrics.

     The Blouse Perfected pattern     Take Me Anywhere pattern

Have fun creating something unique to you.

Keep an eye on the Events page.  I'll continue to post info on our own retreats and on the wonderful guest teachers who will visit us next year.  Who would you like to learn from?

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