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Add Dimension to Your Wardrobe with Cutting Line Designs

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Basics and better than basics.  You need a refresh for the cooler days coming up, so build a new dimension in your wardrobe.  Coordinate a jacket with a new pair of black pants (because no one has too many pairs of black pants).

A New Dimension is a great jacket design.  It has cut-on sleeves that extend from the side panels.  Military princess seams separate the side panels from the center panels that can button in various ways in front.  Let's look:

     A New Dimension jacket View A     A New Dimension pattern

On the left, Louise buttoned her jacket with one button through a tab, just as I did on my jacket above.  On the right, Louise overlapped the fronts and buttoned several buttons through.  Try on your jacket and verify placement before you sew your buttonholes.

     A New Dimension jacket     A New Dimension jacket

These fabrics will all make lovely jackets:
         cotton midweight       linen/cotton from Japan

         linen/cotton from Japan       linen from Japan

         linen/cotton from Japan       midweight cotton

         linen       linen/cotton  from Japan

         linen/cotton from Japan      

Pair your fabulous jacket with black pants.  Because, as I said, nobody has too many black pants.  They are the first dimension of so many great outfits, not just for every day, but also for travel.  These fabrics would work well.

Take a look at each individual fabric, as they all look alike here.  All are good pant fabrics.

         polyester/lycra       polyester/lycra    

         polyster/lycra       polyester

         polyester       polyester/viscose

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