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New Dimensions in Your Closet with Cutting Line Designs

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No, don't call in the construction company.  Just add a fabulous new jacket that coordinates with a pair of black pants in one of our minimal-wrinkling, travel-friendly fabrics.

Take another look at one of the jackets you could make.  View A is a short jacket with military princess seam (that allow some shaping if you want to do a bit of that).  The cut-on sleeves make for an easy construction, and the neckline is super-flattering.

     A New Dimension pattern     A New Dimension jacket

I love these possibilities for jackets:

         cotton from Italy       linen

         cotton from Japan       cotton midweight     

         linen/cotton from Japan       Linen/cotton from Japan

         cotton midweight       linen/cotton from Japan

        cotton midweight       cotton

And more pant fabrics to choose from:
         wool and cashmere pinstripe       pinstripe wool

         faux leather knit       faux leather knit

         faux leather knit

Take a look at the Events page for the latest info!

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