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Let Terry Fox design for you at Cutting Line Designs

If you've been watching Terry Fox's website or Facebook page, you know she recently moved.  Oooooo-here's what that looked like.

     Terry Fox's fabrics

Fortunately, Terry and her sweet cat Shabby made it through the move in good condition.  Her fabric stack may take a little longer. 

You may also know that Terry loves to play around with a design.  Here's an example with a mix of fabrics and some extra stitching (you may recognize two of the fabrics).  Take a class from Terry and be inspired by her imagination--and her technical expertise to carry out her ideas.

              Terry Fox sample garment

I've watched Terry Fox teach a fitting class in past years.  Not only does she perfectly fit each student, she then spends time to analyze how a design could feature new style lines or details that would be flattering to that particular student.  Then she demonstrates how to change the pattern to incorporate the new design.  

Just think--you can have an award-winning designer styling patterns for you!

Here's a jacket Terry recently made from neoprene.  She said it was a bit of a challenge, but she knew how to adapt her tailoring to this unusual fabric.

        Terry's neoprene jacket

Check out the Events page to get all the details on Terry's visit to the U.S.  This is a rare opportunity to learn from this amazing teacher.  She arrives in late March, so mark you calendars!!

You can see that Terry loves dramatic, colorful, and playful fabrics.  I think these would inspire her, and you can try your hand with them too.

Since some of the colors in these fabrics are the same, it could be fun to combine them in one garment, or to make 2 garments and layer them.

       linen/cotton blend from Japan   linen/cotton blend from Japan

Make a shell, tunic, top, vest, shirt, or dress from this jeans print.  It mixes with light gray, khaki, beige, black, or off-white, as well as those jeans in your closet.  I love the whimsical silver dots on this stripe--they make it a whimsical dress-up.

       cotton jean print from Japan   linen/cotton blend from Japan

And don't you already own black pants or a black skirt?  How fabulous would this print be with those pants?  This makes getting dressed pretty easy!  Pair a vest or jacket with a red, blue, or yellow shell or top.
       cotton from Japan

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