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What Do You Want to Achieve?  It's our classic retreat, allowing you to choose what you'd like to learn. It's only happening once next year, in January.  Let's think about what you could achieve.

You can perfect sewing skills.  Just tell us what you want to work on. 

You can choose some patterns and have us fit them for you. 

You can discuss matching patterns with fabric.

You can learn about interfacing.

You can SHOP!

You can make fabulous outfits.  How about one of these?  Especially since these patterns are $18 this week.

This is View B of A New Dimension in a pretty linen.  Make it in wool to be dressy or something like corduroy for a toasty, casual look.

  A New Dimension B   A New Dimension pattern   One-Seam Pants pattern

Here's the Passport to Style jacket in linen.  I've made it in tropical weight wool.  Some ladies also made it in boiled wool during the October retreat.  Love the back too!

  Passport to Style jacket  Passport to Style jacket back  Passport to Style pattern

Vests are also good in winter.  The cowl on this one is so flattering.  The top underneath is from Light and Shadow also--notice the band around the bottom adding more interest.  Here we paired them with the pants from Easy Ageless Cool

  Light and Shadow vest and top  Light and Shadow pattern  Easy Ageless Cool pattern

All in one pattern--the jacket and pants from My Swing Set.  Again, choose your fabric.  This is wool, but linen for summer, cotton canvas, rayon suiting--take your choice.  We have several black fabrics in wrinkle-free fibers for pants.

My Swing Set jacket and pants    My Swing Set pattern

Create your individual expression in a cordial group of like-minded women.  We all need color, we need to feel fabric, we need to create.  Come to Florida and consult Louise and me while sharing ideas and common interests with new friends.  Details are on the Events page.  Email me for the registration form and to ask questions.

Of course, Louise has been busy in the warehouse, so there are more fabrics on the Ends of Bolts page.  I don't know when she's going to run out--I suspect more will appear at some point.  She's keeping me busy putting them on the website. 

And I think she's keeping all of you busy sewing.  These Ends of Bolts go quickly.  The early bird gets the best worm!

PayPal logo By the way, we've heard that a few of you have thought that you had to have a PayPal account to order from us online. That's not the case. Even though you'll see "Proceed to PayPal" on one of the order pages, just click on it to go to the next page. You'll see that you can choose whatever credit card you would like to use. 

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