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A New Collection at Cutting Line Designs

First, a little inspiration to show you what you can do with our new fabrics-
(by the way, we're leaving several patterns on sale till December 1.  It's the holiday season, after all!)

Photo 1:  By Popular Demand lengthened and tapered One-Seam Pants.

Photo 2:  My Swing Set jacket and pants.

Photo 3:  Anything But Ordinary jacket modified to make a vest, The Blouse Perfected, and a skirt from Putting It Together.

 By Popular Demand jacket My Swing Set Anything But Ordinary and Putting It Together

Photo 4: Passport to Style jacket and Putting It Together skirt.

Photo 5:  Light and Shadow vest and top, and Easy Ageless Cool pants.

Photo 6:  All About Details jacket and straight-leg One-Seam Pants.

Passport to Style and Putting It Together Light and Shadow and Easy Ageless Cool All About Details and One-Seams

Pick your favorite styles and choose from the fabrics we just got in:

   Row 1:  (All fabrics are deep black but lightened to show the interesting textures).  Cotton/polyester; wool; georgette.

  cotton/polyester  wool  georgette

Row 2:  organza, cotton knit, rayon suiting.

  organza  cotton knit  rayon suiting

Row 3:  All new cotton shirtings:

 cotton shirting  cotton shirting  cotton shirting  cotton shirting

Row 4:  wool suiting, double-sided wool, lightweight wool.

  wool suiting  double-sided wool  lightweight wool

Row 5:  wool suiting, lightweight wool.

    wool suiting      lightweight wool

And some fabrics you may have missed that you could combine with the new collection:

A midweight cotton, a cotton boucle, and a cotton "canvas":

  midweight cotton  cotton boucle  cotton canvas
And cotton shirtings to mix with pants, skirts, jackets, and vests for variety:
   cotton shirting  cotton shirting  cotton shirting  cotton shirting

What will you put together?  Watch for a changing Home Page with more ideas for your winter wardrobe.

Maybe you're dreaming of a new jacket, shirt, top, vest, or pants.  Get help with fitting and sewing by attending one of our retreats.  January and February are around the corner, so secure your place in "What Do You Want to Achieve" or "Pant Fitting".  Details on the Events page.

PayPal logo By the way, we've heard that a few of you have thought that you had to have a PayPal account to order from us online. That's not the case. Even though you'll see "Proceed to PayPal" on one of the order pages, just click on it to go to the next page. You'll see that you can choose whatever credit card you would like to use. 


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