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Think festive with Cutting Line Designs

 What's on your holiday calendar?  Time with friends, a family gathering, office parties, New Year's Eve festivities, travel?

Check out the Ends of Bolts page for possibilities.  Create something pretty for yourself or someone special.  There's time for a quick vest, jacket, or simple shirt!

First, gray linen/lycra with a silver glaze, then a fine-weave linen/lycra with a silver glaze.

       glazed linen    linen with silver glaze

Cream linen with silver glaze and black linen/cotton with gold:

       linen with glaze    linen/cotton with metallic

How about georgette or sequins:

      silk georgette    sequins

Gorgeous silks are on the Ends of Bolts page.

      silk    silk

Choose a pretty fabric from our regular stock.  Here's a linen/cotton printed with tiny silver X's and a new organza with sparkly nylon threads woven into the print.

      linen/cotton with silver X's    organza

For tips on making mitered corners, take a look at the new Blog post.  I've covered irregular miters this time.  They can be pesky looking, but once you see how to fold and stitch, you'll be perfect every time.

And if you've been frustrated by sewing details like those miters, or you're frustrated about which fitting alterations you need, come to sunny, warm Florida in January.  Louise and I will be here with our rulers and pencils in hand, ready to help you. 

We call this retreat "What Do You Want to Achieve" because we're ready to help you with whatever is standing between you and better-looking garments.  Check it out on the Events page and email Sandy for the details.

You can make garments like these.  First, the Anything But Ordinary jacket, then the same pattern made in shirting with tucks.

  Anything But Ordinary    Anything But Ordinary

Or the By Popular Demand jacket pattern used for a shirt and vest, or choose the At Every Angle jacket.

  By Popular Demand    At Every Angle

Color Me Chic offers a top and a jacket:

    Color Me Chic top    Color Me Chic jacket

Maybe you've been wanting to make Snap to It or Comfort and Style:

    Snap to It    Comfort and Style

The "What Do You Want to Achieve" retreat can help you fit these garments and more, and improve your sewing techniques to achieve professional looking results.  I look forward to seeing some of you there.

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