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Easy, essential wool is 20% off this week at Cutting Line Designs

You'll always look put together in our tropical weight wools. They don't wrinkle, so they're ideal for travel or for that magical outfit that's always ready in your closet.

This lightweight wool Artist in Motion vest will pop on in a second.

               lightweight wool vest

We also have those wonderful wool/rayon blend knits that look like boiled wool.  Make a jacket or vest and cuddle up.  Some of the ladies who came to the Boiled Wool retreat are on their second jackets!  See examples on the Forum.  Do you remember Louise's Passport to Style jacket?

               Passport to Style jacket

This sale will last until 8 pm Eastern on Sunday, December 22.  Get them while they're hot (pun intended).

By the way, to make those tropical weight wool pants warmer, wear a pant liner.  I show you how to make one in this week's BLOG post.

Let's see what some of those pretty wools look like.
First, some exceptionally lightweight wools.  The first one is wool gauze, and the second is a waffle weave.

      wool gauze     waffle weave lightweight wool

How about wool/silk/nylon for pants and boucle for a jacket?

      wool/silk/nylon    boucle

Wool/cashmere sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  Or tan suiting?
      wool/cashmere     tan wool suiting

And for a little lovely variety:

      navy suiting     double faced wool

And those luscious wool/rayon boiled wool look-alikes:

      wool/rayon knit     wool/rayon knit

      wool/rayon knit    wool/rayon knit

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