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Beige is Never Boring at Cutting LIne Designs

Beige is beautiful in warmer weather, especially in cool linens like ours.  Mix it with navy for a classic combination and watch the magic happen.

Here's a selection of fabrics to mix for a weekend or a week's worth of lovely outfits.  Take a look at the Home Page to get some inspiring ideas for mixing beige with other colors before summer's heat arrives.

selection of fabrics

                                selection of fabrics

Even if you live where it's still cold, you can take advantage of 20% off these fabrics so you have plenty of time to plan.  These fabrics will be on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, February 16.

The first 3 fabrics below are a set, so you can mix them within one garment.  Cut some sections with the stripes horizontal, some with stripes vertical.  Or just turn a pocket or cuffs.  Have fun!

      lightweight linen     lightweight linen

Combine this solid with its sisters above.  It can be the main body of a garment with striped accents, or it can be the accent on a striped garment.  The floral print will make great light jackets or vests that coordinate with the other fabrics.

      lightweight linen     cotton dobby from Japan

And these pinstripes are fun; one is navy with tan stripes, the other is tan with off-white stripes.

      linen     linen

The first fabric below is linen with a gold glaze on it.  The second one is just a fun print (the dark circles are black, not navy).

      linen     linen/cotton from Japan

And this first linen is jacket, vest, or pant weight.  And finally, a dark brown linen with ecru pinstripes.

      midweight linen     pinstripe linen

I've had lots of emails about Terry Fox's retreats.  The remaining spots are filling, so let me know if you want to join the fun and be excited, inspired, and awestruck by Terry's talent and expertise. 

Some ladies who have taken classes with her before signed up on the first day we put Terry on the Events page.  They know how amazing she is!

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