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Span the Seasons with Cutting Line Designs

        Artist in Motion top and vest    Artist in Motion pattern

Span the seasons with this versatile duo, both from Artist in Motion.  Go from winter to spring to summer to fall by selecting different fabrics.  Even go from the post office to a party by your fabric choices. 

The top is interesting by itself because of its distinctive topstitching, and you can take it to another level with a fabulous button. 

Pop the vest over its companion top, over a shirt, or over a tee to make an outfit look a bit more special.

The pattern is on sale this week, until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, February 23.

Of course, Louise and I always have fun walking through the warehouse.  You'd hear lots of "Oooh, wouldn't this be pretty with that other cotton over there?"  Or "I love those together!"  I hope you'll like our suggestions too.  These fabrics will be on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, February 23.

Here's a cotton for your top and a linen for the vest to go over it.

      cotton shirting      linen

I am just finishing a top for myself in a similar printed cotton dobby from Japan.  I love these designs, and I especially love that these fabrics need very little ironing. Then the tropical weight wool will drape beautifully for the vest, with its color really setting off the flowers in the cotton.

      cotton from Japan      tropical weight wool

This cotton shirtweight has such beautiful colors.  It can stand on its own on some days, or it will make a wonderful companion to this floaty wool gauze for a vest.

      cotton shirting      wool gauze

Here's a pair for the hottest days.  The charcoal cotton is smooth and light, while the striped linen is handkerchief weight.  Enjoy summer!

      lightweight cotton from Japan      lightweight linen

Summer again, or spring and fall as well if you live in the southern part of the country.  The exquisite cotton is from Italy, and the linen will drape perfectly for the vest.

      lightweight cotton from Italy      linen

Here's a lovely cotton print, just a tad heavier than a shirting.  It's companion looks a bit grey, but it's actually just a bit off-white, so it works wonderfully with the print.

      cotton from Japan      linen/cotton blend

I have just a couple spots left in Terry Fox's retreats.  It's such a great opportunity to have an award-winning British designer come to teach us one-on-one fitting or sewing techniques she learned from designers like Zandra Rhodes.  Is this your year???

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