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 We could all use some relief from the news for a few moments--at least--each day.  Your sewing can give you a break for creativity, beauty, and quiet mindfullness.  


I had so much fun making my Go-T0 Top and coordinating One-Seam Pants, so I hope some of you are also spending a quiet hour or so each day creating your own version of this outfit.  When you finish, you'll be casual and comfy, but you'll still be nicely dressed.

          Go-To Top and One-Seam Pants


You probably know that I posted the instructions for the pattern changes to make the Go-To Top on the Stitch to Style blog a few days ago.  Just a couple of hours ago I also posted some tips about stitching the garments.  Be sure to take a look at all the new info.


While you're taking that quiet time for yourself, remember to take advantage of all the information and inspiration we're bringing to you on the Home Page.  Of course, we have lovely fabrics, exquisite interfacings, handy notions, and the whole range of our patterns.

But there's more!!  Take a good look at the black bar that runs across the top of the Home Page.  You'll see headings for all the products I mentioned above, but we have other offerings.  Under Cool Stuff from CLD, we have photos of lots of garments--and kitties!  We also have compiled a list of fascinating and informative websites, as well as a list of all the helpful articles that Louise and I have written for Threads Magazine.  Louise has posted lots of her yummy recipes (the chicken with plum sauce is fabulous).

Under the DVD heading on the black bar, you can link straight to Threads to purchase our DVD's on a variety of topics that will elevate your sewing. 

Also on the black bar, look for the Booklets to Download heading where you can purchase Isn't It Fitting, our PDF book filled with dozens of alterations to perfect the fit of your creations.

Just under the black bar you'll see a red rectangle.  Click to go to our Facebook page and gaze at all the wonderful things your fellow sewers are making.  Click on the green rectangle to link directly to the Stitch to Style blog where you can access helpful info to take your sewing up a notch.

Also cruise down to the bottom of the Home Page to find even more info.  You'll see our Bio's (I love my title!).  Browse our Mission Statement to learn more about how we think.  The Information section has all the critical info about how we operate.  And a section we love:  We Get Letters contains lovely responses from all of you about what we do.

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Just a quick reminder.  You can request up to 3 free samples with each order.  We carry Mettler 100% cotton thread, and you can order it when you order fabric. 

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