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Variety is the Spice of Sewing at Cutting Line Designs

Is Fun With Fabric already in your pattern stash?  Or is it new to you?

       Fun With Fabric pattern   Fun with Fabric top

You might be happy to know that it's on sale for $13!  The top has sleeves, a neck binding, and a bottom band that fastens with buttons. 

But Louise loves to play around with the patterns, and she came up with this.

        Fun with Fabric top sleeveless

Love those black buttons, coordinating with the black pants.  This version is wonderful, cool, sporty for summer. 

       Stitch to Style logo  I've just posted a new blog explaining how to achieve this sleeveless look. 

Now all you need is some fabric to make your own look-alike of this Fun With Fabric variation. 

These fabrics will be on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, April 19.

      cotton/lycra sateen      linen/cotton blend from Japan

      cotton/lycra sateen      cotton/lycra sateen

      cotton/lycra sateen     cotton

It might be fun to use a combination of a couple of these shirtweight cottons.

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

See the Home Page for more views of Fun With Fabric tops.

SAMPLES:  just a quick reminder that we are happy to provide free samples.  Our limit is 3 samples per order.

And don't forget to order THREAD TO MATCH, so when your order arrives, you can start sewing right away.

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