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Short Yardage Clearance at Cutting Line Designs

So this could be pretty cool--or hot!  Anyway, we have some bargains for you. 

Here's how this works:

We have some short yardage pieces of fabric, and they are on sale.

The idea is that you must buy the entire short yardage piece, but you get it at 25% off.  On a fabric's page, click on the quantity boxes for whole yards and fractions of a yard and purchase the largest amount the counter will give you.  That way, you will be purchasing the whole piece and you will get the sale price.

Only the fabrics in this ad are included in this sale.  All of them are 3-1/2 yards or less.

As always, these fabrics will be on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, April 26.

All the fabrics are listed below.  Which ones need to come and live at your house?

      linen/cotton from Japan      lightweight cotton

      shirtweight cotton      linen

      lightweight linen      lightweight linen

      cotton midweight from Japan      linen/cotton from Japan

      cotton sateen      cotton chambray

      wool      polyester

      cotton      tropical weight wool

      cotton from Japan     

Don't forget that we also have patterns on sale.  I've posted some pretty photos of each one on the Home Page, so take a look.  You may be inspired!  They include A Subtle Twist, Discover Something Novel, Fun with Fabric, Just My Style, The Director's Cut, and Take Me Anywhere.

We've had some ladies indicate that they would like to join us on the Facebook Forum.  Please remember that you must answer the questions before you can join, so be sure to do that.  We want to include lots of sewers in our creative community.

PayPal logo By the way, we've heard that a few of you have thought that you had to have a PayPal account to order from us online. That's not the case. Even though you'll see "Proceed to PayPal" on one of the order pages, just click on it to go to the next page. You'll see that you can choose whatever credit card you would like to use.

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