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Louise and I have traveled the entire country over the years.  We have literally stood at the shores of the Atlantic and the Pacific, in southern California and eastern Massachusetts.  But our most special moments happen when we meet women wearing their own creations based on Cutting Line Designs patterns.

There are so many talented sewers out there, and we've decided to share some of them with all of you.  We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us.  Here's the first in an occasional series.  Enjoy!


Karen recently posted two of her wonderful jackets on our Facebook Forum.  As many of you have seen, Karen's sewing is meticulous.  She makes trial garments first, then cuts into her final fabric to produce a well-fitting garment that's beautifully finished.  Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Here's Karen's View A jacket from A New Dimension.  I love how she made sure her front tab featured an orange half-moon, and she centered the button on it.

      A New Dimension View A    A New Dimension View A back

Here's the pattern she used:

      A New Dimension    A New Dimension

A New Dimension will be on sale for $18 until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, May 3.

Karen made View B also.  In this case, she decided not to fold the collar as shown on the pattern envelope.  Instead, she allowed it to frame her face.  (If you want your collar to look like Karen's, check out page 7, column 4 of the instructions.) And wow!  Look at the matching down the front!

      A New Dimension View B    A New Dimension View B

I asked Karen about her sewing philosophy:

"I am not sure why I sew, I just know I love to sew!  I love fabric, and being able to turn a beautiful piece of fabric into something I can wear (versus just longingly touching it in the stack) brings me joy.  I am almost 100% left brained - analytical, logical, love mathematics and computers.  Sewing is an activity where the right side of my brain can be exercised.  I like to learn different sewing techniques which is why I like CLD patterns so much - there are always one or two interesting sewing challenges in every pattern.  Finally, I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing a garment that appeals to me or having a vision of one, figuring out how to make it happen (the engineer in me), and then wearing it with pride!"


Take a look at the Home Page, where I've posted Karen's jackets and some versions of A New Dimension that Louise and I have made. 


And choose from these fabrics to make your own outstanding A New Dimension jacket.  Post your creation on the Facebook Forum and share the fun!

We've offering special pricing on some of these fabrics till 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, May 3.
      linen/cotton from Japan    linen/cotton from Japan

      cotton from Japan    cotton from Japan

      linen/cotton from Japan    linen/cotton from Japan

      linen/cotton from Japan    Cotton from Japan

      cotton from Japan    cotton from Japan

      linen/cotton from Japan    cotton denim

      linen/cotton     linen/cotton
      cotton from Japan    cotton from Japan

      cotton from Japan    cotton from Japan

      cotton from Japan    cotton from Japan

Isn't It Fitting flash driveWe still have some of the "Isn't It Fitting" flash drives in stock.  We wanted to accommodate those of you who preferred this format.  Get yours while they last.

I want to remind you that the search bar on the website is working slightly differently.  If you want to find fabric FF-00941, for instance, just type 00941 into the search bar and hit Enter.  Be sure you always use a 5-digit number (one or more zeroes at the beginning).

Also, if you want to join the Facebook Forum and enjoy the company of other avid sewing fans, be sure to answer the questions.  That's your ticket of admission.  No quiz--just general info about you.

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