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Sewing Star Shines Again at Cutting Line Designs


Our first sewing star, Karen, has created another fabulous garment.   She posted it on our Facebook Forum, where she explained her thought process.  But I know some of you are not on the Forum yet, so I wanted to be sure all of you had a chance to see her beautiful work.  This is view B of Ready Set Go.

      Ready Set Go view B      REady Set Go view B

      REady Set Go view B      Ready Set Go view B

As always, she thought carefully first, planning how she wanted to use the stripes in the Japanese cotton dobby fabric.  Her final result was well worth the time she spent designing and sewing.  She feels it's the best thing she's ever made, and I tend to agree.  (I've seen her sewing for years, and I can tell you it's always been wonderful.)


We still have some limited yardage of the fabric Karen used, as well as some other new cotton dobby weaves from Japan.  Take your pick--

      cotton dobby from Japan      cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton dobby from Japan      cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton dobby from Japan      cotton dobby from Japan


Your next newsletter will arrive on Monday evening, May 11, rather than Sunday.  I just wanted to let you know so that you would not be wondering whether you had missed it.


I was astounded at the weather report yesterday, when I learned that those of you who live in northern parts of the country will have freezing temperatures!  It was 90 degrees yesterday at my house.  But we will all have summer at some point, so I'm moving forward with showing you my new project.

Some time ago, I was looking through the fabric on my shelves.  I took yet another look at some green, white, and plum striped linen and realized I had some solid green linen that looked good with it.  Then I saw a piece of plum linen, and--surprise--a short piece of floral linen that worked with everything else. 

Long story short, I decided to make a casual, easy-to-wear summer wardrobe.  My first piece is a variation of The Blouse Perfected.  I'll tell you more about it in the Stitch to Style blog, but here's a look.

      The Blouse Perfected      The Blouse Perfected

Like Karen, I decided to play with the stripes.  Now all I have to do is get the other pieces finished before summer is over!!  Stay tuned!

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