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Party On! with more Savings at Cutting Line Designs

            blue and green threads

Louise looked the other way for a minute, so I dashed around the warehouse and found even more fabrics to put on sale.  All fabrics in this ad are 35% off until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, May 18.

Lightweight cotton from Italy, and a lovely summer linen--

      lightweight cotton from Italy     beige linen

Shirtweight cotton and textured silk

      shirtweight cotton     silk

Washed linen with woven stripes (subtle and soft) and plain-weave linen

      washed linen     linen  

Sunshine linen and 108" cotton

      linen      108

Interesting linen with gold, and linen jacquard

      linen/cotton from Japan      linen jacquard

There's still a bit left of each of these, so get them while they're hot.  We already sold out of a number of the fabrics from Monday's ad.

Jacket weight cotton from Italy and matching lightweight cotton

      cotton from Italy      cotton from Italy

Jacket weight and linen/cotton from Japan

      cotton jacket weight      linen/cotton from Japan

Linen/cottons from Japan
      linen/cotton from Japan      linen/cotton from Japan

Linen/cottons from Japan

      linen/cotton from Japan      linen/cotton from Japan

Linen/cotton and faux leather knit

      linen/cotton from Japan      faux leather knit

Faux leather knits

      faux leather knit      faux leather knit

Linen/cotton from Japan (so cheerful)

      linen/cotton from Japan

Remember, all these fabrics are 35% off until 8 p.m. Monday.  Party On!!


I've posted some information on setting sleeves into The Blouse Perfected, since there was some discussion of that on the Facebook Forum.  I also added a couple of photos about buttonholes and buttons that I think you'll find useful.


So many of you have asked to join the Forum.  We'd love to have you. But some of you don't answer the questions, so you can't get in.  We want to provide a place to share everyone's creative ideas and address your sewing issues, so please answer the questions in order to join.  They simply ask you to review the rules and what sewing issues you might be interested in. 


We are happy to send you samples of fabrics you are interested in, but please confine your requests to 3 samples per order.

Oh--and don't forget that you can order Thread to Match any fabric you order.  You'll be ready to sew when your package arrives in your mailbox.

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