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 Well, you get a tunic and 2 skirts, that's what you get!

Here's the tunic from Danger Curves Ahead--

      Danger Curves Ahead tunic      Danger Curves Ahead pattern

And here are the 2 skirts from Putting It Together--

      Putting It Together skirt      Putting It Together skirt

We lengthened the "almost-bias" skirt.  I think it's pretty this way too.  The pencil skirt is pegged (smaller at the hem than the hip) for a flattering look.

            Putting It Together pattern

Both patterns are priced at $18 until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 1.


And these are the fabrics we're featuring this week (minus the ones that have already sold out!).  They range from regular price to as much as 30% off.  They'll be at these prices until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 1.

      linen/cotton from Japan      linen/cotton from Japan

      cotton shirtweight      linen

      dark navy linen     rayon

      cotton dobby from Japan      cotton from Japan

      cotton from Japan      cotton from Japan

      linen/cotton from Japan      cotton dobby from Japan

      red linen      linen

      linen      cotton shirtweight

      cotton denim      crossdye linen

Be sure to head over to the Home Page for more inspiration.  You'll see lots of outfits that include garments from our two featured patterns.


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