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I love this pattern because I can do so much with it, and so can you.  You can make versions of By Popular Demand to wear just about anywhere. 

There are both a jacket and a top in this pattern, and you can make each garment in many versions.  The jacket includes lots of great details, and the top has a sweet neckline.

      By Popular Demand pattern     By Popular Demand pattern 

This pattern will be specially priced until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 15. 

Here's a look at the jacket made just like the pattern.  Note all the topstitching and the pockets.  The back has a double yoke, a locker tab (remember those?), a center back seam, and there's a 2-piece sleeve.  The extra sleeve seam joins the yoke seam on the back for a distinctive, skillful detail on the back.  The top has a clever facing that eliminates bulk at the shoulders.

      By Popular Demand jacket     By Popular Demand top

BUT, I want to show you that you can make shirts and vests from this jacket pattern also.  I used a lightweight linen to make a shirt that's a bit longer than the jacket.  A bit heavier linen made a great vest with armhole facings rather than sleeves.

      By Popular Demand     By Popular Demand

There are many more examples of By Popular Demand variations on the Home Page.  Most of them are made from fabrics like those listed in this newsletter.  Take a look and let your imagination run wild.  I know there's something there that will appeal to each of you.

Here are some fabrics that could work well for the By Popular Demand jacket or top---or some innovative variations that you design.  As we've seen, the pattern can be used for tops, vests, shirts, jackets, and coats!

Choose individual fabrics or a combo like those below.  What works for your closet?

These fabrics range from regular price to as much as 35% off.  These prices will last until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 15.

A lime green linen for the jacket and a coordinating cotton shirting for a top--

      midweight linen     cotton shirting

Midweight cotton/linen from Japan (jacket, vest?) and lightweight linen--

      midweight linen/cotton from Japan     black lightweight linen

Gold-glazed midweight linen and midnight navy lightweight linen--

      gold-glazed white linen     navy lightweight linen

Cotton denim and oxford cloth for jacket and top or shirt--

      cotton denim     cotton oxford cloth

Blue denim for jacket or vest and lightweight linen for top or shirt--

      cotton denim     lightweight linen

These cotton coordinates from Japan will be fun to play with--

      cotton from Japan     cotton from Japan

Wool boucle and black midweight linen are both wonderful for jackets--

      wool boucle     midweight linen

Fun cottons for tops, shirts, coordinates for those black jackets--

      shirtweight cotton     shirtweight cotton

Midweight cotton and cotton whipcord--

      midweight cotton     cotton whipcord

Handkerchief linens to make tops or shirts--

      hanky linen     hanky linen

Italian linen to go with those light linens or a great blue jean print for a jacket--

      midweight linen from Italy     midweight cotton from Japan

Glazed linens (limited quantities). See the coat on the Home Page--

      glazed linen     glazed linen

You may be wondering why I'm sending you this newsletter on Tuesday, a day late.  Here's why--

            tornado in Orlando

The Orlando tornado hit at the end of my block, 3 houses away.  It was over in seconds, but the power and internet outage lasted much longer.  I was fortunate--only a fluorescent bulb in my garage broke, and lots of branches landed in my yard.  Sadly, 5 houses away, someone's entire roof disappeared, and many other homes within a mile of me lost roofs, trees, furnishings, and peace of mind.  Fortunately, I know of no injuries.

Please remember to check out the Home Page.  I'm posting LOTS of photos there that I think you'll enjoy.  Sooooooo many ideas!!

Also, a couple of our Facebook Forum members posted photos of their versions of this jacket within the past few days.  If you're not a member, you might need to be.  Answer the 3 easy questions and sign up!

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