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      By Popular Demand     By Popular Demand

By Popular Demand will provide you lots of variety all year long and for just about any occasion.  The jacket on the left is straight out of the pattern, and it's worn over the top.  On the right is a second jacket made longer and without the pockets.  Dream up your own looks!

As the Home Page shows, you can make this cute, cool top for summer, or use the jacket pattern to make short or long jackets, shirts, vests, or coats.  It's hard to ask for more from one pattern.

Here's the pattern and a shirt I made using the jacket as my base.  No pockets, longer--just what I wanted.

      By Popular Demand     By Popular Demand

By Popular Demand is on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 15.

And these are some fabrics that we're suggesting for the top, the jacket, or a shirt or vest made from this pattern--your choice.  You could choose coordinates or something that will go with a garment that's already living in your closet. 

These fabrics range from regular price to as much as 30% off.  They will remain at these prices until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 15.  Here we go--

Midweight linen and coordinating cotton shirting--

     midweight linen     cotton shirtweight

Midweight cotton from Japan and lightweight linen--

      midweight cotton     lightweight linen

Ecru linen with gold glaze and handkerchief linen in midnight navy--

      glazed linen     handkerchief linen

Cotton denim in a fresh color and white oxford for a shirt or top--

      cotton denim     cotton oxford cloth

Blue denim and striped hanky linen (cool for summer)--

      cotton denim     handkerchief linen

These Japanese cotton coordinates will be fun to play with--

     cotton from Japan     cotton from Japan

Wool boucle (see the boucle jacket on the Home Page) and midweight linen in deep black--

      wool boucle     midweight linen

These would be fun for tops to go with a black jacket.  Those stripes are actually silver zippers.  What will your imagination do with those?

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

Abstract print on midweight cotton and/or black cotton whipcord shirting--

      midweight cotton from Japan     cotton whipcord

Ooohh-these hanky linens would be fun to play with--

      hanky linen     hanky linen

Those linens would go with this jacket-weight linen from Italy; or play with a cute blue jean print--

      midweight linen from Italy     midweight cotton from Japan

Glazed linens are fun with this pattern;  see the coat on the Home Page--

      glazed linen     glazed linen


Sewers have been posting their By Popular Demand jackets on the Forum.  Come see!  Remember, if you want to join, be sure to answer the 3 sewing-related questions.  See you there!


I've posted again!  Whew, thought I would never get there.  Looks like things like upcoming pattern instructions and tornadoes get in the way.  Anyway, head over to Stitch to Style to see 2 new garments for my summer wardrobe.  I hope you'll be inspired to think about the concept for yourself.


Please remember to keep your sample requests to 3 per order.  That allows us to continue giving you prompt service. 

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