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Starlight at Cutting Line Designs

starry sky 

I'm so pleased to introduce our second "sewing star".  Claudia has been sewing Cutting Line Designs for several years, and Louise and I have been fortunate enough to see her wonderful work. 

Claudia has both a lovely design sense and a flawless technique.  It's time to show you some of her garments--

First, she used some CLD midweight cotton from Japan to create the jacket from Anything But Ordinary.  She used a black frog for a unique closure.  Notice her precise matching down the center front!

The patterns Claudia used for her pretty garments will be on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 22.

      Anything But Ordinary jacket   Anything But Ordinary pattern

She used one of our Italian linens for a long-sleeved blouse from the Point of View pattern.  She wanted a bit of shaping in the front, so she added darts using the dart template from The Blouse Perfected.  (That template is also in Easy Ageless Cool.) 

Also, she thought ahead and realized that if she made the inner yoke from the same linen, the print would shadow through the outer yoke, making the floral print muddy.  So she substituted white cotton, allowing the print to show clearly on the outer yoke.  Again, flawless matching.

      Point of View B     Point of View pattern

Her Color Me Chic jacket is in a lavender stretch wool.  She has made the longer version of the jacket and included the pocket.  The soft wool is a perfect choice for this drapey jacket.

      Color Me Chic jacket     Color Me Chic jacket

Of course, she needed something to go with that lavender jacket, so she used Putting It Together for a shell, making it from another Italian linen.  You can see above how pretty they are together.

      Putting It Together shell     Putting It Together shell

Claudia classifies her creations as "casual elegance."  She says she can wear these versatile garments with slacks or with jeans, dressing them up with pearls or dressing them down with more casual jewelry.

Where does she get her inspiration? 

 She says, "Other than a couple of CLD workshops, I have very little formal sewing training. I think I inherited my love of sewing and design from my parents’ devotion to their hobbies. My mother sewed lovely garments, and my father built beautiful furniture. My memories of them as they pursued their hobbies inspire me as I pursue mine."

We think of all of you as part of our sewing community: a group of like-minded, creative people.  I'm sure that some of you will be prompted to create something wonderful, following in Claudia's footsteps.

Claudia's garments can also be seen on the Home Page.


Each of these could make a good starting point.  They range from regular price to 25% off.  These prices will continue until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 22.

      linen     linen from Italy

      linen from Italy     Italian linen

The solid linen is a deep black.

      Italian linen     black linen

     cotton/spandex sateen     cotton sateen

      cotton sateen     cotton sateen

      cotton sateen     cotton sateen

      cotton sateen     midweight cotton from Japan

      midweight cotton from Japan     midweight cotton from Japan

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You can link to both the Facebook Forum and the Stitch to Style Blog from the Home Page at any time.  There's lots to see at both places.  Our innovative sewers post their creations on the Forum.  They also ask questions and Louise answers.  Have you seen the Photos, or dug into the Files to learn even more from Louise?  They're worth the time! 

The Stitch to Style blog is also a good source of info--sewing techniques, pattern alterations, and design inspiration.  Check it out!


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