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Wardrobe Gaps Solved at Cutting Line Designs


I have just been thinking about how we could use Claudia's lovely garments as springboards for our own creativity, and to fill in those holes we all have in our closets.  Rummage around in there for a minute--is there a garment you'd like to wear but there's nothing to go with it, for instance?  


      Anything But Ordinary jacket     Anything But Ordinary

Well, here's a simple idea.  As you know, Claudia made her Anything But Ordinary jacket from midweight cotton--maybe a bit heavy for summer-ideal for fall/spring.  But made in lightweight linen, it's perfect for summer.  Also, keep in mind that in lightweight linen, you can wear it alone as a shirt--double the wardrobe impact.

      Point of View shirt     Putting It Together

This shirt and shell are already perfect for summer in lightweight linens, so hurry and make your own.  But think of options too.  Wear the Point of View shirt over a shell to double its usefulness.  Make your shirt and Putting It Together shell in companion colors--wear each alone sometimes, pair them at other times. 

      Color Me Chic     Color Me Chic

Claudia made her Color Me Chic in that lovely, soft, lavender wool.  Wonderful for cooler temps.  It's a solid color, worn with a shell in a print.  My jacket is lightweight linen--nice for summer--worn over a solid color shell.  Once you have fitted a pattern, use it over and over.

Do you have a lonely jacket or shell in your closet, yearning for a friend?  Or a shirt that you just haven't thought about pairing with a shell? 


These are the patterns on sale this week.  These special prices will last until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 22.

      Anything But Ordinary    Point of View

      Putting It Together     Color Me Chic


These fabrics range from regular price to as much as 25% off until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 22.

      midweight cotton from Japan     midweight cotton from Japan

      cotton canvas from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton sateen     midweight cotton from Japan

      cotton sateen     cotton sateen

      cotton sateen     linen from Italy

      linen from Italy      linen from Italy

      linen from Italy     linen from Italy

      cotton sateen


If you haven't already visited the most recent blog, you might want to take a look.  I've posted the latest addition to my summer wardrobe there.  You never know--you might get an idea.


So many pretty garments posted by our sewing friends.  If you haven't already joined, you are missing out on the many, many Photos plus all the Files that Louise has posted about fitting, techniques, and more.  We'd love to have you join us--just remember to answer the 3 sewing-related questions.


You have 2-1/2 more days to admire "sewing star" Claudia's garments before they disappear from the Home Page, so take a few minutes to see the photos and comments.


Don't forget the limit of 3 free samples per order, please.

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