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Summer Fun Tops at Cutting Line Designs

 cake and tea picnic


No matter where you have fun this summer, you'll want to be cool and comfortable.  So a top from Simplify Your Life will be just right for you to---uhhhh--simplify your life.

Both views have great design details and will be just right for the upcoming heat in lightweight natural fiber fabrics.

If you're a member of our Facebook Forum, you've seen my latest version of View A.  It's casual, but it could go to a restaurant or on another outing.  I've also made it in denim with the 2-thread edgestitching and topstitching I've showed you in the blog.   The stitching really pops the details on that one.

Simplify Your Life will be specially priced until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 29.

      Simplify Your LIfe view A     Simplify Your LIfe view A

View B makes a great shell, so try it in a variety of fabrics also.  But for right now, I'd opt for cotton shirting that works in heat and humidity. 

      Simplify Your Life pattern     Simplify Your LIfe view B


Have fun with these cotton shirtings.  We're introducing some new ones we think you'll like, and bringing in some you've seen before but may not remember.  Pair them with shorts, yoga pants, khakis, jeans, slim pants in cool cottons, or pencil skirts to look cool and ready for fun this summer.

These fabrics range from regular price to as much as 30% off until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 29.

      cotton shirting     cotton shirting

      cotton shirting     cotton shirting

      cotton shirting     cotton shirting

      cotton shirting     cotton shirting

      cotton shirting     cotton shirting from Japan

      lightweight cotton shirting from Italy     cotton
      cotton shirting     cotton shirting from Japan

      cotton shirting     cotton shirting


Be sure to visit the Home Page to see lots of garments made from CLD patterns and cotton shirtings.  You're bound to see something that gives you ideas.


There's been so much conversation lately on the Facebook Forum, and lots of photos posted by our sewing friends.  Join in the fun and learning by becoming a member.  All you need to do is answer the 3 sewing-related questions, and you'll be in.  I hope to see you there soon.


I've just posted a new blog showing you a pattern hack to simplify View B of Simplify Your Life.  It's great for that day when you just want or need something new, but you don't have lots of time to be leisurely about it.  Take a look--it's so simple.


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