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Just seeing the work of a sewing star like Karen gives me a lift.  I was inspired by the combination of fabrics in her jacket.  It reminded me of all those little leftover pieces that I just couldn't discard.  They are waiting for their opportunity to shine, too.

And her workmanship in the perfectly matched print down the front of her shirt renews my effort to finish every project to the best of my ability.  Sometimes I'm eager to finish, but I'm reminded that I'll enjoy a garment more if the details are right.

Let's take another look at her pretty garments.  What do you want to make next?

All the patterns Karen used are specially priced until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, August 10.

We'll show you some fabrics that could work well for these garments.  Some of them remain at their regular price, but some are as much as 30% off until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, August 10.

      The Blouse Perfected view C     The Blouse Perfected pattern

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

      Light and Shadow vest     Light and Shadow pattern

      linen     linen

      glazed linen     linen

      Anything But Ordinary jacket     Anything But Ordinary pattern

      linen/cotton from Japan     cotton ikat

      linen/cotton from Japan     linen/cotton from Japan

      Just a Pinch shirt     Just a Pinch pattern

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

      cotton shirtweight     lightweight cotton

      By Popular Demand jacket     By Popular Demand pattern
      linen/cotton from Japan     linen/cotton from Japan

      cotton from Japan     cotton denim

      Ready Set Go shirt     Ready Set Go pattern

      linen/cotton blend from Japan     cotton shirtweight

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

      Artist in Motion vest     Artist in Motion vest

      linen/cotton from Japan     cotton denim

      linen cross-dye     rayon pinstripe

      Snap To It view B     Snap to It pattern

      cotton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan


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