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     Color Me Chic     Passport to Style
                  Color Me Chic                                         Passport to Style

The photos emphasize just how pretty boiled wool jackets can be.  They are all over the internet--and at really high prices.  But you can create your own warm, stylish jacket .

We're excited to announce that we have written a PDF booklet that is being formatted at this moment.  We'll be adding it to the website as soon as possible, so all of you can know the details about working with this wonderful wool/rayon-blend knit.  Look for "Give a Little, Take a Little" to arrive soon!

These are the colors we have in stock:

     boiled wool     boiled wool

     boiled wool     boiled wool  

      boiled wool  

And a few accessory pins remain in stock.  These make a decorative closure for your jacket without any sewing!

     accessory pin     accessory pin

     accessory pin     accessory pin

To make construction of your jacket easier, we've stocked in a special double-sided sticky tape.  It will aid in constructing overlapped seams.

      double-sided sticky tape

These patterns are especially appropriate for use with boiled wool.  And we've put them on sale until 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, November 23.  Even if you're not ready to start a boiled wool jacket, this might be the right time to get one of these patterns.

 A New Dimension   Anything But Ordinary   By Popular Demand

 Color Me Chic   My Swing Set   Passport to Style


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