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Summer is on its way, and days of sunshine are on the horizon.  Be ready with shirts that look cool and really are cool to wear.  Try one of these.  Both patterns are ON SALE until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, May 9.

      Snap to It     Easy Ageless Cool

Snap To It view A closes with buttons, while view B uses snap tape down the front and on the cuffs.

      Snap to It     Snap to It

We have the snap tape for view B in black and in white.  We sell it in lengths of 1-1/4 yards, which is the appropriate length for view B.  When you order 1, you'll receive 1-1/4 yards.

                   white snap tape     black snap tape

The Easy Ageless Cool shirt lives up to its name.  It's easy to make, it's an ageless style, and its short sleeves and open neckline make it cool to wear.  Plus, there's a template for a vertical dart in the pattern.  You can add it in the front, the back, or both to customize it for just the look you want.

      Easy Ageless Cool     Easy Ageless Cool

Be sure to look at the Home Page for more inspiration.

All these fabrics are perfect for summer.  The first group is cottons, some of which are designer fabrics from Japan.  The second group is comprised of Japanese dobby weaves with wonderful colorways.  And finally, some linens that will brighten your summer days.

Many are ON SALE until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, May 9.

      cotton shirtweight       cotton shirtweight from Japan

      cotton shirtweight from Japan      cotton shirtweight from Japan

      cotton shirtweight from Japan     cotton shirtweight from Japan

      cotton shirtweight from Japan     cotton shirtweight

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

      cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

These cotton dobby weave fabrics below have a wonderful, rich look.  Louise and I like them because they don't wrinkle much in spite of being cotton.  They have a rich look and wonderful colors that coordinate well.  Plus, they're ON SALE this week.

      cotton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton dobby from Japan     cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton dobby from Japan      cotton dobby from Japan

      cotton dobby from Japan   

These gorgeous linen prints celebrate summer.  From bold to subtle, there's something for everyone.

      linen     linen

      linen-like ramie     linen




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