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These 4 patterns are always on sale for $11 each!  Have you looked at them lately?  There's a lot of style here, so we thought we'd remind you that these are great choices.   Here they are, along with an example of each:

Fun With Fabric     Fun with Fabric

The Director's Cut     The Director's Cut

Discover Something Novel     Discover Something Novel

Take Me Anywhere     Take Me Anywhere

So shirts, a top, a jacket--all are available at a special price.

Once we decided on the patterns we wanted to feature this week, Louise made her rounds through the warehouse to find fabrics she thought you would enjoy considering for your wardrobe.  Of course, all these fabrics are on sale at 25% off until 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, July 31.

silk     cotton

rayon     cotton

linen     linen

linen     cotton shirtweight

cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

cotton shirtweight     cotton shirtweight

cotton     cotton


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