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Give a LIttle, Take a Little-PDF-003


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"Give a Little, Take a Little" explains all our tips for working with wool/rayon knit that looks like boiled wool.  We've discussed both overlapped and conventional seam techniques and how to choose which technique to use in various situations.  Neck facings require a bit of finesse, so we've gone into the details for both sew-on and cut-on facings.  Collars must be applied in a completely different way, so we've given you the details on that.  In addition, there's a helpful list of tools, presser feet, machine settings, and supplies to take the guesswork out of getting started.  We've also included the mini-pats (miniature pictures of the pattern pieces) for 6 of our jacket patterns showing you where you Give a Little and Take a little to create those overlapped seams that you see in high-end ready to wear. 

The wool/rayon knit "boiled wool" is wonderful to use with this PDF guide.  It doesn't curl, doesn't fray, is knitted, and is warm and cozy.  But you aren't limited to "boiled wool".  You can also use ponte knit, French terry knit, double knit, and fleece to make garments using the techniques in "Give a Little, Take a Little".  You'll find lots of opportunities and fabrics to make jackets and vests using the information in this great guide.