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Short on fabric?
Trouble matching stripes?

No problem!  The answers and so much more are in Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 6.

Follow along as Louise Cutting shares insider secrets for dealing with challenges; giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how the pros solve the very same dilemmas that you face.

Sew with greater finesse and skill.  In garment-sewing, it's the little things that count.  And that's what you'll discover in this video workshop that reveals tips and tricks direct from the professionals' playbook; brilliant solutions you might never learn on your own.  Properly placed snaps or lining an unlined jacket can make a tremendous difference, resulting in a crisper, more finished appearance.  And that makes you look better too!

Quality clothing demands attention to detail.  With expert guidance from Louise Cutting, you'll develop a 'feel' for the small but significant techniques that take your sewing to a higher level.  With this insider information, you can become the go-to person who really knows her stuff, from how to handle fragile fabrics or making vertical buttonholes.

Topics covered in Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 7 include:
  • Best practices for working with thread
  • How to match stripes, prints, and plaids
  • Precision bound buttonholes
  • What to do when prints lap
  • Hidden button plackets
  • Perfect sleeveless armholes
  • One-dot pocket placement
  • A smooth neckline zipper finish
  • Easy, flawless miters
  • No-fail invisible zippers
  • An expert neckline finish
  • Reinforcing underarm seams

Every video in this series will help you learn how to sew like a pro.