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To sew like a pro, you do have to sweat the details.
And, to know the details that are worth your attention, turn to Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 8.
Award-winning instructor Louise Cutting shares her years of experience in creating masterful garment details.   This video workshop offers fresh new insights into what the savvy sewer looks for and how to remedy whatever detracts from a garment's overall quality.

Learn directly from a Hall of Fame instructor whose workshops are sold-out.
When you have Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 8, you can enjoy many unique advantages.   You not only enjoy the learning experience, but you can learn at your own pace.
Now you have the option to return to any part again and again, reviewing any portion again as often you wish.  Something you can't do in a live class - even if you could get a seat at her sold-out events!

Raise your expectation and standards.
Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 8 offers valuable insights into how a seasoned pro perceives quality work, fine tunes even the smallest details, avoid errors, and sews with precision.
You'll see Louise demonstrate her proven techniques for altering patterns for stylish tops, slacks, skirts, and jackets along with tips for successfully handling natural-woven fibers such as silk, cotton, and linen.

Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 8 covers these topics and more:
  • Put a dart on the slant
  • Reduce pocket bulk
  • Trim a Dolman sleeve
  • Proper corner clipping
  • Remove excess fabric from a neckline
  • Compare two cuff design ideas
  • Adjust the pattern for button size
  • Design for buttonholes
  • How to staystitch
  • Peg a skirt
  • Support a side seam