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Necklace with pendant-NN-010050


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We have only one necklace in this color/style combination.
This necklace by Suzanne Bellows is comprised of beads and a pendant on a wire spring that sits comfortably at the neckline.  The beads at the front of the necklace range from 3/8" to 5/8" with a pendant mounted in the middle.  They are in various tones of olive, with a couple of milky clear and faintly green beads and 2 black beads.  The back part of the necklace is made of alternating green and black small beads.  The pretty pendant is made of handpainted silk mounted on polymer boards.  The small circle on top features strokes of gold that look like calligraphy, on a larger off-white circle; then a larger circle of olives and tans and 2 rectangular pieces in the same colors.  One of the photos displays information about the silk and its care.  The richness of the colors and variety of beads, as well as the pendant, make this a distinctive accessory.  The pendant is about 1-1/2" square.