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"Always Flattering--Our Approach to Pants" is filled with helpful and inspiring information to provide you with a pant wardrobe for every style need. Amazingly, one straightforward pattern piece can provide you with an easy-to-make pair of pants that is also capable of almost endless variation. That’s the One-Seam Pants© pattern. It has two looks: the straight leg and the tapered leg, plus design details right in the pattern. So get the pattern, read it through, and get ready for using this book to amp up your new looks in pants. And there’s more! The book also includes variations for the pants in the My Swing Set pattern. These pants are designed with a side seam, so they’re a bit more tapered and will give you even more looks to enjoy wearing.

Of course, both patterns contain sizing charts, and they explain the basic alterations you might need, like lengthening or shortening the leg length. Because of their unique design, the patterns accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes, while this book will also give you even more fitting refinements you can consider. We encourage you to read through the introductory information about each pattern, fill in the measuring chart we provide, and get ready for design fun.

You may want to print out the book. It’s handy to have it right beside the sewing machine. Get a 3-ring binder (about 1-1/2” should work) and some plastic page protectors. Insert 2 printed pages back to back in each page protector and you’ll be ready to start your pant-making journey.

The patterns are available as separate purchases. Just go to the Patterns page on the website to find them.  Each pattern contains all the information needed to construct a pair of pants from that pattern, but the book provides so much more.