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Cotton dobby is a fabric we especially appreciate.  It's all-cotton content makes it breathable, but the weave is even better.  It's a bit heavier than shirting, but not as heavy as a jacket-weight fabric, and, most important, it has thicker threads woven into both the crosswise and lengthwise grains.  Those threads give it an appealing surface texture, and they prevent it from wrinkling as much as you would expect from an all-cotton fabric.  This one is a dark olive green for the background.  The concentric circles are dark reddish-brown and the leaves are lighter tones of brown with some pink in them.  The large flowers are either solid cream or the background olive outlined in cream.  It's a lovely print that will be wonderful for light jackets, shirts, pencil skirts, vests, dresses, and tops.

Cotton dobby from Japan
45" wide