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Cutting Between the Lines is a 190+ page wardrobe planning booklet page available for download.  It contains the "flats" for the front and back views of all the patterns in the Cutting Line Designs pattern line.  (The "flats" are those line drawings that appear on the back of the pattern envelope and on page 1 of the instructions.)  This PDF book provides all the flats, with each one on a separate page so you can print them out either on a copy of fabric you have scanned or on scrapbook paper.  It's a great way to work out color schemes, which garments might be needed for a specific purpose, how to achieve the most outfits with the fewest garments (great for packing) and other wardrobe issues.

The beginning section of the book covers topics such as fabric color and texture, as well as ways to link your wardrobe to your lifestyle.  All the "flats" are proportioned to each other, so you can create outfits in miniature to examine combinations and eliminate mistakes before you ever cut into fabric.  Each pattern is introduced with a color page showing the garment "flats" in pretty papers, then all the flats for that pattern appear next.  You can build outfits, mini-wardrobes, or whole closet revamps.  Explore your options and enjoy adult paper doll play.